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Finally learned how to get over things and move on. If sensitivity is a weakness, can I be considered as having ANY strength?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New me =o
Well, although I feel like a robot the size of a semi hit me, I feel rather good. I got rid of something and improved myself. I feel like a new Trey. It sure hurt to get rid of, physically, but I feel renewed. Remember, to help other people, u must help yourself first. This may sound wierd to a lot of you, but think on it, how can you help the world with chains dragging you into your own despair? You can at first, but the the chains get heavier to the point you can pull those you meant to help down with you without realizing u did until it's too late.

Should the burden even be half of you, a great part of you, no matter how painful it may be you must cast it from your being to help those you care about!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

   Sorry for the wait
Well, I finally gotthis scanner to work, and I have a good number of pics to add, but Otaku won't let me do more than one every 24 hours! T-T It's catastrophic to me, cuz I am now in a drawing OMG Omverhaul compared to usual. Also, I may be very touchy on sopme subject matters, some very serious things are happening to the girl I'm with and it's really hurting her and I'm the only one who's there for her. I don't mind that I'm alone, but there's not much I can physically do against the forces at work here, butr I do know what I CAN do and that's what I'm doing.
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Friday, February 8, 2008

  Sorry, I've been putting up with alot odf crap from some people I trusted who were apparently lying to me since the day I met them and alot of mounted stress.
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