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Hello everyone! I've come to the otaku to make friends and not only that but to show off my artistic skills which have been passed down throughout the armstrong family generations. I am strict about rules so here's my only one, do not send me chain letters or curse me out in any way, fine, two rules. Other than that stuff I am just the nicest guy you'll ever meet, I'd be glad to help anyone anyhow. Thanks and please come to this site again anytime.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello again my friends.
I am a prosecutor and I've won most of my cases. I've also arranged to marry my lovely girlfriend, Rosa. I'm such a lucky guy, why she'd wanna marry a guy like me is beyond me, I'm only about 4.9 feet tall and she's a good 5.10 feet tall (just think Krillin and Android 18) but then again I do look, sound and act like Maes Hughes (let's just hope I don't die the same way, no offence Hughes fans) Okay enough about me, I've talked too long, see you all later.

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