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No Worries Gai To The RESCUE!!!!!!!

YOSH!!!! Hey am MAITO GAI the strongest of all the Jounin! I am also known as the "Beautiful Green Beast" My biggest competitor is Hatake Kakashi aka my ETERNAL RIVAL!! The score right now is 50 - 51 my lead! I train in Taijutsu 24/7! I have aquired Super strength and Super speed. Which i wil pass down to my Prized Pupil ROCK LEE!! I also have 2 other pupils Neji and Tenten my team RULZ!! I have a Big bowl haircut and have extra think eyebrows! Me best move is DYNAMIC ENTRY where i LEAP into the air and fly toward the enemy, it is a beautiful move *tear* I'll add more Later... BEWARE Maito Gai is HERE!!!! Soo hry up and add me before i use DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!!! ***Btw Taijutsu = hand to hand combat!***

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   Gai's Adventures No3
Today Me and Kakashi met for another match. Match NO 103 to be exact. This time it was my turn to choose. i chose karaoke!!! I started with my own song "The Man With The Thick Eyebrows" I have 2 admit when i finished singing even with all my break dancing moves the vilagers started attacking me with rocks, it was pretty bad. Then Kakashi started to sing "The Come Come Paradise Song" His song was even worse it talked about all this sick stuff from the book Come Come Paradise. BUt for sum weird reason the whole village LOVED IT even the third hokage...i can't believe it. My awesome song losing to sum sick perverted song....o well the score is now 51-52 Kakashi's lead..this contest was rigged..
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   Gai's Adventures!! No2
It was a normal day as i walked through Konaha..then i saw a evil bear eating my salmon so i attacked! First i used Dynamic Entry and charged in with full force. Me and the Bear battled it out throwing punches at each other. Then i slipped on a bannana peel giving the bear a opening. he kicked me and followed through with a nice combo...but summoning the last of my strength i kicked the bear where it hurt, while he was moaning. I grabbed my salmon and walked away. no one can beat me MAITO GAI... Beware Evil Bears For Maito Gai is Here!!!

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CHECK IT OUT ITS THE Best theme song in the Naruto Series so far!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   Gai's Adventures!!! No 1
Today me and Kakashi met up in front of the Academy...but of course Kakashi was late...he came up wit sum excuse that he had bad luck.....soo this was going to be our 101th game. It was Kakashi's turn to choose and he picked EXTREEEEEEME ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!! He said it took luck to win such a extreme game. We prepared our selves for the match. It was an intense moment we counted to three...and BAM i had my hand out in a fist...but when i looked at Kakashi's hand! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO his hand was open! Paper >> Rock! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I lost *sigh* the score is now tied 51 - 51..but don't worry i shall rise victorious!! i get to choose the next event any ideas??
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