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Monday, December 11, 2006

+ Sick of This School +

Time: 6:49 pm
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Ok, I've managed to post two days in a row, yay!

So with the subject title. I was running after school with Kati today and when we ran by the wrestling room we stopped for a drink & talked to Megan & Keely (wrestling managers) a bit when our Sports Director walks up, doesn't even lower his voice or call me aside and says, "Haze, are you planning on playing soccer this year?"
Me- "Yea."
Jenson- "Well you better get your grades up cause right now you'd be ineligable. Your season isn't that long anyways."

He also stated what my grades where in those particular classes out loud in front of about 5 or 6 people who have no buisness knowing. I'm pissed, I know my grades are my reasponsibility & my fault if they're bad, but he doesn't have the right to say this infront of whomever he pleases. In this year alone I've dealt with harassment, vandilism done to my truck while it was in the school parking lot, & being stalked by a classmate which the school has done nothing about any of this, they treated each of them as a joke. Jenson during that incident violated my rights, Buckley Amendment, about sharing my grades with people who don't need to know. My parents are angry to say the least & it looks like I'm going to have to switch schools, not only because of whats happened to me, but many other incedents at our school which make it un-safe. I'm refusing to run cross country or play soccer for any other school though, I love my team mates & I've already laid down my fondation & I'm not starting over with that, having to work my way up all over again. Varsity cross country as a freshman & back up sweeper for soccer to the Senior Capt. who was also my sister, I've worked for that and I'm not losing it.

So yea, that's all that's new here. Please listen to the song in the profile. It's If I Am by Nine Days. And what do you think of the new theme? That's all from here. Be safe, later days!

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