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Monday, August 21, 2006

+ It's Been So Long +

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Listening to: I Can See Your Point by The Mascara Story

Hey! Sorry it's been so long. I had to finish up my math class this summer, then band camp started and so did cross country. Well, here are some pics from camp. While I was there I got a BF, yay! He's such a sweet heart!

Alexa, Emma, and Bret

Bret after Alexa and Emma put his hair in pigtails

My RA Bryan. We asked him random awkward questions each night. (Where do babies come from? What happened to all the unicorns? What's Batman's real name? Boxers or briefs?If you had a monkey what would you name it? Is it awkward seeing 3 girls pushing 2 mattresses across a hallway?)

Bryan after we asked him if he had a knee fetish.

Bryan, Thomas(my RA last year), and Roan(head RA) AKA Robocop.

This Derek cross dressing in Emma's clothes.

Derek and I cross dressing. I'm wearing his clothes, including his pants.

Derek found a random object.

Derek liked the random object.....

Derek could do all these crazy handstands and flips.

Derek and me play DDR. He didn't like his pic being taken, lol.

Erik and Derek playing DDR.

DDR got violent.

I was a dirty chain mail hooker!

This is my BF Erik, he has really blue eyes.

Kieth in a tunic from class.

Emma doodled all the way up my leg on the last night 'til 2 in the morning.

The sticker says 'Stop Killing People'.

Graffiti white rabbit.

Thomas can do the spilts!

All else that's new is that band camp started, I'm playing bass drum this year. Went to Anime Iowa, fun. XC practice started, woo hoo! On Wednesday school starts for us, uhhg.

I have to go eat dinner now, then I will get on again and comment people since I haven't in forever!

Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^ (Quote for the day- Why are you mooing at me? -Allison)

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