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Sunday, March 4, 2007

+ This Book Will Be The Death Of Me +
Hey everyone or better yet anyone who reads this. I'm doing good for the time being.

So for my english class we have this assignment where our teacher let us a choose a book from this list of classics or we could even choose another book as long as he oked it. And the assignment is we read it and then write an essay about how it will stand the test of time and 50 years from now people will still read it and be able to get the same thing out of we did, and if you chose a book of the list and it isn't a classic then you defend as if it was, this way is harder but yea, same thing.

When he explained this I sat right in front of his desk and he held up the list of books to go over it with us and I glanced at the back and I saw on it The Count of Monte Cristo and I absolutely love the movie so I didn't care what else was on the list, by God I was going to read that book. So my mom even bought it for me off the net and she had me look at the cover to make sure that's what I wanted. Well I didn't see how thick it was or how many pages it has turns out it's 1243 pages long with tiny font and I can pretty much weight train with it.

What sucks more is that I now have 2 weeks to finish reading it, so I have to read 75 pages a night and right now I'm on page 237 and have to break 300 tonight cause I'm behind. I will die or kill some one with this book.

My other aspects of life are good. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I'm dating a guy named Jordan. He's a year older than me so I get to go to prom as a Sophmore. He joined the National Guard, so I call him a boy scout lol, no offense to anyone. He's in wrestling and made it to state, didn't place though. Pretty much everyone thinks it's a weird couple cause people see me as the goth/emo chick(lol right) and he's a jock but it works. Yea, the only problems we've had are the lovely rumors that people have said on how I cheated on him, complete BS, pissed me off but we're good, he knows that I haven't. So yea, sorry for the long post post, oh well. Talk to you all later.

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