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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My god!Today sucked.The day was soooo long!Not to mention we have our EQAO testing tomorrow...thank goodness I have "Keepin' It Real" in the afternoon and not some stupid activity the class is doin'!
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh...I had so much fun Saturday!!!!Haha!I got sooo much stuff!But we had to leave early because it was taking to long and we were hungry...I had to last 12 hours without eating and I was STARVING!!!But other than that it was fun.I got a rice ball hat and a matching fan!Annie brought all her stuff to school today that she got from the convention except for her wallet.She even brought her plushies...Y'know what?Nikki's sister went to the convention and Nikki got it for me (It doesn't matter what though...)Anyway,In exchange I'm giving her my Yuki Plushie!Anyway I'm in such a good mood right now~~~!
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh,I'm so so so happy it's finally hete!!!And it's almost 9:30!That's when Annie is gonna get here!Just a couple more hours!!I'm so so so excited!!!
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Almost there...just alittle bit longer!!!!!!!!!!
Tee hee!AN is tomorrow!I'm so so so so happy!And I'm so so so so glad Annie is coming.She's my best best best best best best best best best...you get the idea,friend is the world!^-^Plus she's the first friend I've ever had invited to come to a convention with us!^-^^-^^-^^-^^-^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The countdown to AN is coming near.Are any of you going to Anime North?Anyway,I'm going with my best friend Annie!She's into anime too.Thank goddness she can pay for herself though,because we're already 80 bucks on registration with my mother,Brennin and I.That's not even including shopping and pocky!!!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yippie!Annie-chan's B-day is today!I can't wait!We're gonna play laser tag!!!Too bad I don't know how to play...Well,thank god they're gonna explain the rules!Oh,I'm still debating on which Stadium to go to get Annie-chan's B-day present!Should I go to the bigger one in Bramalea City Center which is bigger but I've never been to before and I don't think it may have anime...or the one in Shopper's World which is smaller but I know it has anime....I'm so confussed.>.< Maybe I should go to the bigger one...I mean,we have lotsa time.We also have to go to the Dollar Store to get a glue gun and stuff for my homemade present to Annie-chan.

Anyway,other than that...my night was pretty good.I got up at 5am and for some reason tried to stay up but couldn't...for some reason I fall asleep without even realizing it.I even fell asleep before getting to watch Death Note a second time...I hate myself...

We had chinese food last night.Mommy brought it home at 10pm.I had eaten so much last night.I had a sandwhich,a plate of noodles,and some chinese food....Of course,I was pretty much starving at the sandwhich point...I didn't eat a lunch cause I wasn't feeling like myself.

Stupid novel assignment!Thank goodness since I didn't hand in any of them,I get to choose which ones I wanna do.I think I'll chose the writing and creative assigment.Of course,my teacher probably would have gussed that since I don't like speaking in front of people.I'm terrified of public speaking!

UGH!!I'm breaking out in friggin' hives!!!What in the world is making me break out?!

Anyway,I guess I should let you all go!Bye-bye!


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Friday, May 9, 2008

Ah ha ha!Annie-chan's birthday is tomorrow!I can't wait!!Too bad I have to get up early....First we have to get her present...She likes anime so we're going to stadium to get her present.I'm thinking a Furuba book...or maybe a badge or something like that.Then I have to go to the dollar store to get a glue gun and a box and some accessories for my homemade gift to her.^-^
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hey!Today was fabulous!Well...almost...

Good things that happened today
1.Got an A on my language test( one of the 2 I might add..)
2.Got a B- on my French Oral Assigment!
3.Finished all my work in class so I have no homework

Things that went wrong today:
1.Mom couldn't come to the school today to talk to Mrs.Armstrong, and our vice principle and principle because Mrs.Armstrong wasn't at school today!
2.I didn't finish my french test so I have to stay after school tomorrow...

Other than that,Annie's birthday is on Saturday and I can't wait to go!I'm going to get her present tomorrow.I also have some holds at the library that need to be picked up.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today sucked!!!It started in gym class...Tiara took the ball I was playing with...and we did have an occasinal teacher...Tasha was trying to get it back for me,Tiara slapped her and she gets in trouble for nothing!Like what kind of frigged up system is that?!Annie told me today she likes Near from Death Note...she is weird though.I'm not saying it's weird to like Near,but she's strange and she likes...no loves alot of Bishies!!!She likes all the Fruits Basket characters...even the ones that wear girl clothes such as Momiji.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wow...I haven't been on again in awhile.School has been going good.I have 2 assaigments due!Ones due May 15th and the other May 21st...this is bad cause I'll be away that week!!And they're major assignments!If I don't hand them in,I'll fail!Then I'll never get into art highschool!Wahhh...Well,I do have grades 7 and 8 still left to go.I went to Free Comic Book Day on Saturday!ALmost everything was marked down!The manga was 10% off!I was gonna get my Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition volume 2 which I've wanted and begged for but while we were chekcing out,I saw a Death Note keychain which I just had to have!So it was between a book and keychain.Guess which one I picked!If you guessed the keychain,you'd be right!!!
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