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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay,I find these hilarious,I love them,so I wanted to post one on this site.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well,this week has been a bore...school is so boring!Plus,I didn't do my homework this weekend...I guess I'll do it before I go to bed tonight.Oh guess what!I'm so happy about this!They have Reboot on Teletoon Retro so I can start watching it on the weekends!^-^I'm like,so incredibly happy because I haven't seen Reboot in so long!I'm so happy happy happy!

Well,Back to school tomorrow.I talked to my principle on Friday afternoon and she's gonna talk to me on Monday about starting an anime club at school and starting a anti-bullying thing too~!It was all my idea.But I need to figure out a teacher who will suppervise this anime club before anything.Then I need to work on membership and everything...starting a club is alot of work...

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Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm sorry that it's been awhile everyone.I'm been so busy preparing for school.Right now,getting into an art highschool is priority 1!
Speaking of which,school starts tomorrow and I still don't know which class I'm in,not to mention if I don't start getting up at 7am I'm gonna be earning myself a one-way ticket to Sir John A. and I especially have to go to school tomorrow or I can't get my present from Annie-chan.

Well,I'm incredibally bored.I already got all my stuff together for school.Now I have nothing to do.I hope I am in Annie-chan's class this year,and if I'm not I'll have my mom transfer me to that class.

Well,I really should go now...I still have stuff to do...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello there!How is everybody?Good I hope.

Okay,now on with the post:

Okay,today totally sucked.I stayed up until sunrise,but I passed out around 6:30 if not sooner.So I only got 6 hour sleep.So I'm in a crappy mood,of course,when am I not.I didn't go to bed until like 2:30am.I couldn't help it,I was tired,and I was bored.I had something else on my mind.It was my dream yesterday night.It was like I was being bullied and when the bully and a few girls pushed me against the wall(I don't wanna use names)...I lost it.I beat each of the bullies up.It's wierd...why can't I be like that in real life?Am I afraid of what would happen?Or was it just telling me that I can be brave if I wanted?I'm just usually so passive...and I let people take advantage of me,especially since I bring myself to say no...Because I'm so quiet...they think it's okay...but it's not...I know I should stick up for myself...and I will,just as soon as I get my yellow belt in Kung Fu.Of course,I'll only use it in cases of defense.With all the crime and stuff around,knowing Kung Fu would help alot,wouldn't it?

Anyway,let's not work with that subject anymore.Oh yeah!I found this Canadian Online Store for anime!And now I need to earn $30 plus shipping charges to get this figurine I want...but of course,let's not say what character it is.I would have asked Annie-chan to pick up my figurine in the US if only she was going to the state the store was in...what the heck am I gonna do for money?Oh,we're moving soon.Hopefully after the long weekend.Do you guys get a long weekend?If so,what're you guys gonna do?I'm going to Niagra Falls...oh,did I spell that right?I dont think I did.I was so bored earlier so I ended up making wallpapers until now...probably made about 20?But like I said.It's friggin' boring around here.I think I'll go make more wallpapers now.

Ja ne!!!


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay,Im not gonna post much considering its 12am.Well,we found a house,its really nice,my room is nice,the only problem is if I still wanna attend Beatty,Im gonna have to get up at 8 in the morning and I dont usually get up until 10 after 8.But I guess Im gonna have to make sacrifices if I wanna stay with my friends.Theyre all begging me to stay and I really dont wanna let them down...

BTW,you may have noticed I didnt use apostrifies(I know I didnt spell that right)...anyway,its because if I do it comes up with this friggin french symbol...like ,, and when I use those arrow thingys pointing left and right I get an apostrify and its so confusing...^^...so yeah..sorry for my bad grammar...

So,Im bored....of course,thats what you get when youre up at 12-4am...Im too high on caffine to go to sleep...Im bored though,I think Ill go get my DS from the car...so I really should go...


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay,I'm feeling a little sad...Bu tI'm glad my parents' are over there fight!^-^

Anyway,just you're wondering why i'm sad?Okay,maybe you're not,but don't really have anything to talk about right now so I'm gonna tell ya anyway,Well it all started with my dream last night,I was in a school that wasn't Beatty,It was Queen something...anyway,my teacher talked about all these great teachers in the school board and some of them were pictures of my teachers...favourite teachers to be exact...and all pictures from the pictures I took with with my old school...so I started crying my eyes out so I took a trip to my old school and saw everyone even teachers that don't even work there...like one of my kindergarten teachers,my favourite teacher of all time and so on...So when I got up,I was obivously crying my eyes out...aw heck,I'm crying right now just writing this...

I had pizza for lunch...I like pizza,even though some pizza brands makes me hurl,this pizza brand is my favourite...

My mom is taking me to the anime convention next month...I'm happy for that.I can't wait.I didn't get to go last year but it's decided that I can go this year.I don't think Annie-chan can go this time though because knowing her,she's gonna spend so much money in the US,then again...

I'm so bored right now...This absolutly nothing to do...I didn't go to bed until like,3 in the morning,then I got up at 8 in the morning if not earlier...then i fell back to sleep then i got woken up at quater to 12 to go get pizza...I'm so tired...I really need to get back on schedual for school...Then only possible way that is gonna happen is if i stay up all night and I can't even do that!!!Well,I'm definitly gonna catch some Z's tonight instead of watching anime all night...

So what are you all up to?I'm just eating,still...Maybe make a few videos...Because I'm so bored....

Anyway,I really should go...I wanna go let my friends know how I'm doing.'kay?


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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Soo...I'm having a crappy day.I mean,it's no fun when your parents are fighting...My summer is turning into a friggin' nightmare...I just want to go back to school so badly...I want to go back to Toronto...where everyone is waiting...I want to go back...to that apartment,to those people,to that life...I want to go back...*sob*

Well,I'm still not in the mood to post long today...maybe tomorrow....

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Okay...I'm gonna get all complainy for a moment...Okay,you wanna know what really sucks?!When your favourite show comes up on the TV guide and it really isn't on!That's what happened to me last night!Screww YTV!Also,when your favourite movie comes on the TV and you can't watch it because you don't get the channel!Or if the TV in the family room has it you can''t watch it because some other person is watchin TV or using it to play a game.Anyway,a movie I rarely get to watch is on and I can't watch it!Well,I guess I could always watch it at Halloween...but that's like 3 months away and there's no way I can wait that long~!!!I mean,I can't wait that long for Beetlejiuce but not Rocky Horror Picture Show...wahhh!!

Okay,my moment of complaining is over...so by that you can tell I've had a crappy day.But I can look forward to the 3-D concert at 8pm...I've already got my glasses a month in advance....I've been looking forward to this all month...And it ends before all my anime starts!^-^Whoohoo!

Anyway,I think I'm done for today...sorry for such a short post but I'm not in the mood today...

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Friday, July 25, 2008

This sucks...it's almost the end of the month and I have to move...that means I have to clean up...which stinks.I had a fun time at Annie's!We watched Bleach together.But friggin' screw YTV for taking off Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note!!!I friggin' hate it!Not only did they change Bionx to Saturday,but now they take from me Death Note and FMA!What's next?!Bleach?!SCREW THEM!!!!

I got up suprisingly early today...Around 9:00am which is early for me.Tomorrow we're going to the Flea Market which is good news for me cause they have anime stuff there!^-^

I'm still trying to convince my mom to order my Halloween costume early so it can get here on time.I want an anime costume so I can make Annie and Nikki jealous!^-^I've already chosen...but it's so expensive!I almost like $100!Like,I'm never gonna get it!!!

I'm so bored and it's so hot in here!I had this barzaro dream last night,There was this TV(Really dememted drawings I might add) and then these characters started popping out of the TV...It was more like a nightmare actually.Then I had this other one when I fell back to sleep this morning that my grade 6 class and I went on this trip to like a farm,but it wasn't a farm at all,then we all spilt up and Tasha and I got lost and I was so scared...Then I had one the other night and it was sorta creepy and sorta weird it was like...Death Note mixed with Disney so yeah,it was mostly creepy....

I'm so tired right now,I mean,I had enough sleep,but I'm still tired.And I feel totally sick...no more eating from Taco Bell for me...cause that's what made me so sick...

I'm listing to Supernatural right now...I'm just too bored...At leat I can look forward to Are You Afraid of The Dark at 1:30pm.Until then,I have nothing to do...

I guess I'm gonna play on Gaia for awhile...considering it's all I have to do...besides,I've kept you guys long enough with my complaining!^-^Sorry...


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Okay,I'm bored.But Annie's coming today and I...no WE get to go to Planet Hobby together!!^-^
I was supossed to go yesterday but I fell asleep eventually^-^'
Well for breakfast today I had a glass of pop and a aero bar!i know,not very healthy but I suddenly have this craving for junk food!^-^
I'm busy right now.My snake is watching me type,isn't that cute?Wanna know something?My dad came in earlier and hit is head on my lantern.Hey,it's not my fault he's taller than me.

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