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Hi hi! I'm Danni, more commonly known accross the net as Sparks but I also go by Hinoko, Yami No Mitsukai and on here Magician Princess. I love music and art, particularly making them both. there's nothing better than getting totally absorbed into a piano or a piece of paper...

I have a severe tendency to talk too much but I do love to meet people and make new friends all over so don't be afraid to message me ^^ I like the company.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Danni is morbidly depressed
All of her friends are turning against her. I have no real friends apart from Rachael.

I mean, I have some schoolfriends but we're not that close. I have no MSN friends I can talk to, nobody I can rely on when I'm down, nobody to trust because all of my friends turn against me at one point or another.

Nobody who really cares that much about me and that makes me want to cry no much.

Even my arsehole of an ex-boyfriend has been net-stalking me. He drives me crazy. I hate him.

I'd very much like a real relationship too.

But seriously, why do people do this to me? Am I that terrible a person?

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Friday, January 18, 2008

I need a neck rub. A really intense massage and a shoulder to cry on. Ooh, I want a boyfriend XD

No, seriously though. it's been exams all week and three friends have turned on me and as if that wasn't bad enough. It gets LOADS worse.

Dave. My mother's ex. My mother agreed to move him in with us within two days of meeting him (she could have told him to go live with his father but oh well...) and it seemed good to start off with. But then he was drinking and smoking obsessively, money started to go missing, other valuable items started to go missing and then one night I got a frantic call from my mother telling me not to let him in.
Basically he'd hidden the car, stole her credit card and chased her down the street. She fell as she was running from him and her knees were twice the size for ages afterwards. Following this, he tried to get into the house but Luke and I wouldn't let him so he had a shouting match with me and told me to go fuck myself, called me an opinionated, stuck-up bitch etc.
You'd think after that she'd learn her lesson and get rid of him like her friends and I were all telling her to do. I got upset, blurted everything out to the school, they got Social Services involved and suddenly the whole thing was my fault.
Eventually we got him to move out but she still wanted to keep seeing him. By this point he'd cost/stolen about 1800 and we found in his suitcase my mother's credit card details and that he'd been using it to take out a loan and buy cigarettes and porn. Oh but he tried to blame Luke for any porn. I mean, I know the kid's a pain in the arse but he's too innocent-minded for that.

Then he started texting her during the day. And texting and texting. And texting and texting and texting and then some more texting. He was pelting her with all these texts and mum couldn't keep up with it all. She started to get angry, and demanded he pay the money he owed back. he didn't, he lied about it and stole more.
By this point, the texts were getting aggressive. He was accusing her of sleeping around, even with Carl and my step-dad Matt. Then he started calling her some horrible names like a fucking skanky bitch and the likes. This went on for a good few weeks when last night she just lost it and texted back hitting him where it hurts (why his ex ran out on him and his peant sized dick) and changing her number.
He worked this out and texted the landline straight out. His message was as follows:

"you fucking bitch. That really fucked me up. I hope you fucking die and you will if I have anything to do with it."

So she started crying and feeling really ill. She's arranged to have another lock put on the door but the man is a nutcase. he has turned up here before, after all. The really crazy thing is, she was saying she'd go to the police about this which i was fully behind because some of the things he used to do like pouding his own head and the furniture...well my mother is qualified to make a professional opinion that he is mentally ill. So he probably is capable. She should have got him banged up for fraud a long time ago anyway.

But here's the great thing. He apologised.

Oh yes, every lying man's favourite. "I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing, i love you, please give me another chance!" you'd think after all the other arseholes this all-female (bar my brother) family has encountered, she'd know better. But no. Because he's apologised, the police don't need to be involved.
I still think he should. Plus, if he came over here and tried to hurt my mother, I have no problem risking myself to get him hard with a- ok I won't go into that.

I just don't know what to do with her. Something needs to be done about him, but what?

*sigh* it's not fair. Why does everything have to happen to us? we're a good family, we're good people. *sniff sniff*

I need a hug.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   *sigh* Hiatus again
My stupid bloody scanner.

It insists, INSISTS, on constantly DICKING ME AROUND! This time I can't fix it. I actually think there might be something wrong with the computer's USB.

Which sucks because I've drawn some great new pictures and everything but can't get them up here. Plus what with getting back into school, my best friend's granfather dying, Y's disappearance, my mother getting back into her old tricks and everything, I'm too busy to colour existing ones.

So yeah, no art from me for a while apart from maybe one random Paint thing in a last ditch attempt to get DH to look at her PMs!

Thanks for all your support! I'll keep commenting when everything has settled down.

Danni xx

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