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Monday, July 30, 2007


Hey, guess what guys! Me and the anime club are doing three cosplays in L.A!! We're doing Saiyuki, Kingdom Hearts, and Gravitation! w00t! I can't believe I'm doing a cosplay in L.A It's gonna be fun! I won't on for the next two days because I have to practice all day! I'll post who plays who though, so you know who I play ^^. Goku and Sanzo are suprised too.

Saiyuki ~
Sanzo - Michael
Goku - Me! (Hell yes!)
Goyjo - Danille
Hakkai - Gabby-kun

Kingdom Hearts ~
Sora - Me (OF course,It's because I'm short isn't it D<
Riku - Ryan
Kairi - Hayley
Organization 13 - Gabby, Amenda, Cristina, erm.. I don't know the rest..
Roxas - Gabby >.>
Everyone else - No idea o.o;
( We're making a yaoi part just for the fan girls xD RikuxSora and RoxasxAxel)

Gravitation ~
Shuichi - Me
Yuki - Trevor
Ryuchi - Amenda
Toshua - Gabby-kun
Tohma - Amenda

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Omegasnakes Tournament

Well, omegesnake16 asked me to post about the torunament and well, here it is.

the tournament is in a few weeks. I need at LEAST 8 people to come and fight for this tournament to work! I will not be particapateing, I will just be the announcer! the fights will happen on my site. I will explain more when the day gets closer. but anyway, here are the rules of the tournament, make sure you remember them as you fight, if you break even on rule, you are disqualified, and your opponent will win by default. now, here are the rules for OTAKU KOMBAT!

1.if you know the substitution jutsu, or clone jutsu you can only do it 5 times per battle.

2.no one hit kills, give everyone a fighting chance.

3.you are not immortal, everyone can be beaten, even you, so don't act like you are immortal.

4.no healing in the fight.

5.no one can interfere, summoning jutsu is acceptible.

6.make sure the majority of your techniques is taijutsu, or ninjutsu, don't let your illusions fight for you the whole time. get your hands dirty.

7.make sure you keep it fair by not dodgeing all the time, you have to get hit alot of the fight, don't just dodge.

8.no killing until I say FINISH HIM/HER!

9.you don't have to kill, showing mercy and just KOing your opponent is ok too.

Make sure you train hard and work on your skills.

My post.

Damnit!! My scanner is being a dumbass again! OH well, at least I finished some sketches of pairings.

Here are the links.

I missed you By: Me <33

Don't Leave me By: My friend Yumi (Linda)

Good morning Yuki By: Me <33

That's it ^^

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