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My names Madkittin7294~! ^^
But you could call me Tora-Chan if you like!!
I'm a big fan of anime, and manga, but i only am interested in the ones i read/ watch...
i don't have a big variety of them i like...^.^'''
anyways I'm 14 years young, and I'm always super happy!!
but I am very ditzy and i fall alot o.o''
but i have never broken any bone!!
anyways im blabbing on ^-^''
Feel free to comment me or send me a pm 'kay?
or you can sign my GB and ill sign yours!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well, i havent gotten any replys on my last posts and it makes me a little sad.. D:
Oh well, you guys are probably busy having fun on your summer time :3
Anyways today i went to a water park~!!!
i havent been to one in YEARS.
it was soooooo much fun!
But i was a chicken to go on the really high ones....
and my friend dragged me out on them and i olmost died of a heart attack.
It was too scarey >.<
Anyways Ive been pretty busy lately, making plans and all.
Im going to a concert on the 1st with my friends.
We are going to see Paramore, The Offspring, and Scary Kids Scaring Kids~
Its gunna be fun~!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Okieee... Well I have been soooo bored lately..
I moved into a new town and ive been here for more than 2 weeks and i havent even talked to one person... ;o;
no one wants to be my friend T_T
anyways i havent had any interaction with ANYBODY in a few weeks and im going crazy~! o.e

i desperately need to hang out with people..
anyways on a bright side, i posted some of my art in my portfolio~!^^
and amazingly enough some people actually favourited them~!!!!
I'm very happy about that~!
i will continue to post them now that i know you guys out there like them =w=

anyways baibai~!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

I figured out how to do the background ^^
But now i just need one that will fit the whole screen o.o'''

Anyways I'm probably going to upload some recent art I'm making on here, so keep a look out please^^

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

^^ im backkkk~!
Hello my fellow otaku-ites~!
Well sorry I havent been on in a long time...I'm going to start going on here more often!! ^^
I was looking to change my theme on here and when i changed my background it tottally messed up!!!
And i don't know what happened!! Now i don't know how to change it to the theme i want!
[which would be either be..
Satoshi from DNAngel,

Or Kyoya From Ouran

mmmm..i love guys in glasses^^
I need help again~!
please give me a hand on making a background work cuz it doesnt like meee!!! ;A;

*much appreciated <333333*

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i went on a date with my love friday and today he came over to a hotel im staying at and we went swimming! it was hecka fun!

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