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Hey there! The name's Madd Hatter, or Hattie for short. I'm really into jrock, EGL, EGA, Alice in Wonderland, and just music in general I guess. I'm a drummer. I'm also 6'3" with brown hair and hazel eyes. So thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look around, message me, or add me as a friend. See you around!



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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One last time...?
Listening to: Canta Per Me/ Kaijura Yuki

Hello people of the world! I don't know if you remember me, I haven't been here in so long. And this time I'm not here to say something like, "I'm so sorry, I'll do better!" Nope. This time I'm only here to say goodbye.

Well, my MyO has never been all that popular to begin with, and it seems like I never have time to be here to update it. And that also means that I don't have time to stop by and read other people's posts, so I can't stay updated on what's happening in my friends' lives, and that isn't fair to you guys.

So basically what I want to say is that I've really loved having a myotaku account, and I've met some really, really nice, friendly, and talented people on here. I won't be deleting my account, just in case I want to come back and visit some time. But if anyone wants to get in touch with me, just email me at:


Ok? I'd love to hear from any of you sometime! I hope you all have great lives, and if I don't hear from you, then peace! Cheers~
Madeleine Rumbaugh (Hattie)

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

   Miss Cleo, is my brother straight or gay? Miss Cleo, what do the cards say?!
Listening to: Barracuda/ Miho Hatori

Ok, I don't really have a brother. That's just a line from a song. Some of you probably know what I'm talking about.

So is everyone having a good Sunday? Not much happening here. Yesterday I went to kuma-chan's house with Alyse and some other people. When I got there they were watching aladdin for some unknown reason. Then we played a video game which I could not remember the name of all through yesterday. Then when I woke up this morning, the very first thought I had was, "Soul Caliber III!" I have a weird memory like that. But yeah, it was a fun game.

Then, out of no where, I had to go out to dinner with my dad, his girlfriend, and her mom (Gram). Gram was really funny, but the girlfriend is SO LOUD. I know I've talked about her before. And worst of all, she had like 6 cocktails, so she was completely drunk by the time we left the restraunt. She was slurring her words, falling all over the place, and she actually tried to drag me into a tattoo parlor when I said that I wanted a tattoo. I didn't mean immediately!! Ugh. *Hit's head against laptop*

So, that's what's been happening. I would say that I'm going to try to convince my dad to buy me Soul Caliber, but I don't have a game system except for GBA, so it wouldn't do much good. See y'all later!


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Friday, June 8, 2007

   United we stand, divided we also stand, just further apart.
Listening to: MOVIN!!/ Takacha

Hello everyone! I'm right in the middle of my summer high right now, meaning I don't have school and everything's been going pretty well today.

I went with alyse and kuma-chan to go shopping today at a place called the Anti-Mall. It was pretty cool, lots of weird retro things and clothes. After that, we ended up walking along the train tracks to somewhere else downtown. probably not the safest thing to do, considering the fact that there was a syringe lying in our path...

right now kuma-chan is having issues with someone we thought was our friend. turns out that the "friend" really insulted kuma-chan by calling him a "slut bag who has sex with anyone on the first date"! And that's definitely not true at all! Not only that, but this same girl asked me if gigantism runs in my family! I know I'm really tall, but jeez I'm not 7 feet!

Ok, so from all of that it sounds like I'm not having a good day, but I actually am. Those are just the main things I'm thinking about. So, moving on...

I finally changed my theme! Aren't you proud of me? XD Not quite sure why some of the text is still red, but oh well. So let me know what you think of the new stuff. Oh, and if you want to know what the picture caption says, it's a game just for you. Use a translator. It's German, if you couldn't tell. Helps to beat the summer blahs.

And now, if you're really, REALLY bored (like me) here's a hundred question survey. Good luck!!

1 - red rose or white? red
2 - salt or pepper? pepper
3 - pink or blue? dark blue
4 - hamburgers or hot dogs? udon noodles
5 - music or movies? uhh...man, that's hard... I guess music...
6 - comedy or horror? comedy
7 - action or adventure? aren't those kinda the same? I guess adventure
8 - summer or winter? winter
9 - sun or stars? stars. so pretty...
10 - hott or cute? are you kidding me? jeez, talk about shallow. Ok, hot guys, cute puppies!
11 - walk or run? walk and smell the red roses and pepper
12 - funny or romantic? In a guy? How about funmantic?
13 - crunchy or creamy peanut butter? creamy
14 - rings or necklaces? rings. you wouldn't believe the tan lines I have from the rings I wear.
15 - camping out or slumber party? slumber party
16 - white or dark chocolate? milk?
17 - night or day? evening
18 - blood or guts? yay, a zombie question!! I guess blood bothers me slightly less than guts.
19 - school or work? you're joking, right? neither!
20 - surfing or snowboarding? sledding
21 - soft candy or hard candy? soft, like chocolate bars
22 - phone or e-mail? email
23 - pencil or pen? pen
24 - pizza or chicken wings? pizza, even though I'm in the south (southern people supposedly love chicken)
25 - dog or cat? gotta love dogs, even though I have cats too.
26 - spiderman or batman? superman, he's a classic
27 - dvd or vhs? Gotta go with DVD. Love me some bonus features. XD
28 - snow or rain? snow I guess, but rain's good too.
29 - fat or skinny? just right
30 - prep or punk? punk. what do you take me for?
31 - water or milk? for swimming in? XD No, I drink almost nothing but water.
32 - fruit or vegetable? what did you call me? fruits.
33 - inside or outside? eastside/westside
34 - friends or family? I love them all.
35 - sweet or sour? sweet
36 - shoe or clothes shopping? toys! or music!
37 - long or short hair? long for girls, shortish for guys
38 - cocky or shy? Me? Unbelievably shy! I prefer shy guys too.
39 - ocean or pool? ocean
40 - baseball or football? horseback riding.
41 - dancing or singing? dancing
42 - couch or chair? chair
43 - t.v. or computer? computer, since you can watch tv on it anyway!
44 - house or apartment? house
45 - hot chocolate or coffee? hot chocolate. I hate coffee.
46 - white or wheat bread? I'm getting a racial vide from this question! white, but there's always wheat in our house.
47 - rocky road ice cream or butter pecan? chocolate chip cookie dough. don't like either of those two.
48 - dr. pepper or mountain dew? water. again.
49 - pop tart or toaster strudel? POP TARTS!! I WORSHIP YOU!
50 - cake or pie? cake or french silk pie.
51 - butter or margarine? margarine. butter is very unspreadable. plus, look at the base word!
52 - mayo or miricle whip? Isn't mirable whip, like, sweet? Let's go with that one.
53 - french or ranch dressing? I love ranch. It goes on anything.
54 - pretzels or potato chips? nasty pretzels. nasty potato chips.
55 - pickles or olives? hate them both.
56 - black or green olives? Like I said, definitely hate olives.
57 - strawberries or blueberries? blueberries, just because they aren't really blue. Rebel berries!
58 - drumstick or push-ups? what? is a drumstick like an exercise or something? I don't get it.
59 - blt or sloppy joes? grilled cheese
60 - carrot or celery? carrot. (just one?)
61 - apple or grape juice? apple. grape juice tastes like wine.
62 - frosted flakes or fruit loops cheerios. I love cheerios!
63 - oreos or chips ahoy? oreos. A food and an insult!
64 - m&m or skittles? m&ms. chocolate always comes first for me.
65 - fried chicken or fried shrimp? ew. chicken, but only because I don't like shrip at all.
66 - chili or clam chowder? chili. Not much of a seafood person.
67 - strawberry or grape jelly? strawberry.
68 - snickers or milky way? milky way. It's where we live! (I used to think people meant that we live in a candy bar. XD)
69 - cheese or peperoni pizza? cheese
70 - baked or mashed potatoes? mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce! Wooo! (Points for you if you get it.)
71 - taco or burritos? taquitos
72 - hard shell taco or soft shelled? soft shelled
73 - sausage or bacon? sausage, but not Italian
74 - ravoili or lasagna? ravioli. they're pillow shaped!
75 - cookies or candy? cookies
76 - french toast or pancakes? french toast, but only with the right bread.
77 - bowling or rollerskating? I'm terrible at both. But at least I've never fallen over while bowling.
78 - oprah or dr. phil? Jerry! Jerry!
79 - sandals or tennis shoes? sandals.
80 - mac and cheese or cheese and crackers? mac and cheese and crackers!
81 - twister or connect four? you sank my battleship!
82 - lobster or crab? once again, I don't do seafood.
83 - mexican or itailian food? Japanese
84 - public or private school? never been to private, but public sucks.
85 - turkey or ham sandwitch? turkey, or even better, chicken.
86 - poems or short stories? short stories. I can write those!
87 - gold or silver? silver. Remember my rings from that "rings or necklaces" question? They're silver.
88 - apple or banana? Bananas in pajamas--are coming down the stairs! Apples.
89 - Vanilla or chocolate? swirled.
90 - 50 Cent or 2pac? Green Day.
91 - Face or Body personality
92 - Fall or Spring fall. that's when my birth month is.
93 - McDonalds or Burger King? Japan Express.
94 - Pepsi or Coke? Water. Remember?
95 - Abercrombie or Hollister? Hot Topic.
96 - Prison Break or Lost? anime!
97 - Love or Lust? there are so many things I could say about this question, but I'll just go with love.
98 - Truth or Dare? Truth. Where's my question?
99 - MySpace or Myspace? ;) myotaku
100 - life in prison or dealth penalty? life in prison so I can find a way out.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Everything's coming together, but none of it makes sense.
Listening to: Creepin' Up the Back Stairs/ The Fratellis

Wow. Guys, I am so sorry. I can't believe I haven't been around in almost three months. *Bows to the floor* You have my permission to throw poptarts at me for punishment.

Of course there are the usual excuses for why I've been gone for so long. Mostly I've just been busy. I just finished with exams yesterday, and I've had a ton of projects, etc. for school. Not to mention other things outside of school that have had me tripping over my own two feet to get them all done. Not that I don't already do that.

I hope you guys have all been doing ok, and I'm sorry I haven't even bothered to read your posts. I'll do better, promise! But I still probably won't be able to update very often. We'll see.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

   Not really supposed to be here, but...
Listening to: My photo teacher lecturing on something

Hello everyone! I'm here in photography class, where I'm supposed to be writing an essay about the Vietnam war. But I'm not going to be doing that today, so too bad.

Let's see, what else? In theater my group has changed to presenting the fairy tale the princess and the pea, except it's based off the TV show, The Batcheler. So that should be interesting especially since I'm the queen, and my son is a gay black guy! Love ya, GB! XD

So yeah, that's about it right now. I guess I'll go try to find something else to do online before my teacher finds out what I'm doing. Gotta go, teacher's coming!

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