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ZOMGAWD! I have a CHERRY CLOCK!!! Yay! -^ ^-

Hello and welcome to my site~! I am very pleased to be here, ukyu~! I hope to make others happy and let y'all see how cool I can be, ukyu~! I am a senior in high school, big time otaku, soon to be an anual sakuracon visitor!

Do to my extended absence, and my annoyance with 'Narutard', I have decided to return! You may all jump for joy and whatnot, but I must warn you that my posting will be slow, and the items that I will be posting will be both old and new, okay? I'll update THIS segment later!!! Thnaks for your support!

Monday, February 1, 2010

(I don't even know why I am doing this... No one reads my posts anymore...)

Hello all, MadamRyeka, here!!!

Alright, let's get to it...

The reason WHY I haven't been able to update any REAL art (Other than my backgrounds) is because college and work are HUGE factors that have been getting in my way, and are becoming HUGE annoyances, in my life...

Slowly, but surely, I will be updating more and more. True, it'll be shaman king (Let's face it, i LOVE that show!!!) but at east it's something...

At any rate, being an adult is very tiring and very busy. But I will make some time for theOtaku (Specially since my work hours have been slashed in half TT^TT) So, HOPEFULLY (if I can get around to it) I will show you how my work has evolved, over the years!

Keep on watching my work/updates! And you JUST might see something new and interesting :3

Well, I have got to go... Keep your eyes peeled!


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