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Hello There.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

do do doo DOO
Hmm. Better update this thing once in here a long while or something.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I feel bad, but it says I have two private messages in my "inbox" but they are not existant and I don't see them and can't read them. So if you are the person who private messaged me, maybe you can use some other way of getting into contact with me? I'm not ignoring you but I just don't know why my otaku is flaking out.

Sorry !

Love to all- Late merry christmas and happy new year and all that jazz

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

   And so it goes
Sigh. Why is this so much like this and that and that as well?

I dont know, quoth I. I'm updating to make sure that I don't lose this site. Though, I don't think you can.

How is life treating you (whoever sees this)??

I love you all. This is the only personal webstie I still have kept for this long.


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday
For anyone who cares,
Happy Easter!

loves all

- maarii

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Monday, April 10, 2006

woah. i'm like, updating. weird.
Hehehehe. I haven't been here in so long.
i'm gonna go visit people.
first year of college is almost over.
i've finally found some people who like anime, and one of them is currently my boy who is friend. *put the two words together and you will catch my drift*
and I've had experiences.
and i've missed my otaku days.
but busy is.. busy. and papers, and play practice, and living in a rowdy dorm, and getting rowdy, and tests, and homework, and sleep .. oh beautiful sleep.. how i miss you too.


i'll run off now.
but i'll leave with a poem.
one that might sit here for the length of eternity in the frozen wastes of this internet
or one that may bring a beam of feeling into one's soul.

a lark, i heard it on the corner of the house
i followed it to see what it could be about
and it did not sing nor stir a wing
or turn a feather to the sun
if only one
if only one

beetles, i felt them underfoot
and jumped in alarm, and tripped 'pon root
and cried when i found that they wound
in slow and tamed circles, dead
if only now
if only then

hands once i felt along my neck
and travelled down, tickling my side like a creek
but frosty and flayed these hands became
till they fluttered like ashes in the pouring rain
and hurt me as no hurt things ever could
because of the abscence that I misunderstood
if only
if only

I guess I never knew what I thought I knew
and I guess it was all for naught.
Somedays the world is too bright and too pretty
and other days I can only smell rot.
And all those beetles and larks shake their heads and plead with with wide vacant eyes,
that their stories that make up the universe
not be lost amongst muddy Time's tides.
So here are the voices and here are the scars, inside so nobody sees.
And here are the verses and here are the bars ...
locked away
locked away
if only i knew how to proceed
to get free

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