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LOL weeeee Im crazy XD

Saturday, September 8, 2007


HIYA Mina-san !! This is Mei known as m3ia in the theOtaku I love to sketch things and I also love to browse around site for other artist's creations. Exploring other peoples art might sound boring to some but to me it is something that I could never get bored of I am always looking for more!

Just as a reminder, taking graphics from this page or my portfolio without permission is prohibited. Although my stuff are not the best, I still do not appreciate thieves. All drawings on this site that belongs to me will be marked with my alias, Meia or m3ia, or it will contain my signature somewhere on the images.

This is my signature. =)

Please DO NOT press Archives at the top right corner XD


The loss of my pet Tori results in this :

Practice =D

Contest entry for Kaijin Kinuma:

Keya's Contest entry:



I was tagged by Kaijin Kinuma so ..... here's eight fact about myself.
1)I'm lazy
2)I like drawing but can't up to my expectations.
3)I like computers but hate knowing them in detail.
4)yaoi is good... lol... but im not crazy over it..
5)i don't like sweets
6)im tomboyish
7)i dont like yuri

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