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Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Apparently, there's a whole world out there...

hey guys

well, I think this will officially be my last post over on MyOtaku.
like most of the somewhat older core of MyO'ers, the recent changes have simply been too much for me to handle. also, not having TheO around for a while made me see some things I guess I missed. yes, there really is a world out there and it's about time I try to explore it a little.
what I miss most about VV though, is the news section. I got used to relying on TheO for new releases, reviews and happenings in the anime/manga world. now it's all fan-this and fan-that.. just more senseless self-promoting to me. sure, I like to submit my wallies, but now you can only do one every 24 hours.. I'm just not sure what I can actually still do with TheO *shrugs* I never joined DA because I don't have the skills to really bring out my own art.. so there's not much point in me staying here now.
I'll have to find my anime news somewhere else.. (please anyone, if you know a good site, let me know ^-^)

don't worry though, you will still be able to find me on my new blog over at BlogSpot.
here's the url just in case: lydialytjuh.blogspot.com
you can comment even if you aren't a member ^-^ and it still has decent HTML, so I'm happy there.
sure, it's missing a decent friends-system and there's no way to send private messages.. VV has PM's, but no friends (subcribers, like I'm a magazine *sighs and shakes head*), MyO has friends but no more PM's.. so yeah, no place is perfect.. simple fact is that my time here is up.

you can also contact me through lydialytjuh@hotmail.com which is easy as long as your mail doesn't get trapped in the Spam box ^-^ I check that from time to time, so it should be no problem ^-^

I'll still be around to visit my friends, I will try hard not to lose touch ^-^ in fact, I've got most of my closer friends on a little link list over on Blogger, so I have everyone I want to keep track on close by ^_~

love you all, take good care of yourselves!

MCL, I'm outti.

I woke up to the real life. And I realised it's not worth running from, anymore.

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