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hey im Ember Leeada and yes that truely is my name pretty weird name i know <(^_^)> but its awesome!!
hey there before you read all about me i want you to know i only keep friends that chat with me often if they dont then i dont consider them friends really k .... oh and to keep my site updated i change out one of the 2 videos of every anime show once a week k so cheak in OFTEN!! =^_^= MEOW!
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hey there here are a few things about me im funny love to chat (what girl doesnt?!?) i have 2 cats 1 dog i also love to draw lol you should see my sckecht book its full of pics! also i am an idiot with computers also im a blonde so what about you?
Interests: i love to draw my friend says im good at anime so thats why i opend up my webstie and yeah also i love to IM oh and strangely im good at football oh and one more thing about me is i like to dance i tryed a dance team but man its harder than football


Sunday, November 6, 2005

me... sorry if its hard to read...
someone who is caught up within their thoughts...trying to remember who they really are...only to find that there is no answer...because you are who you are...a soul..within yourself...
...a shadow within the heart

Who Are You From Within? (Anime Images used)
brought to you by Quizilla here if you cant read it maybe this is easyer

you are someone who is caught up within thier thoughts... beging to remeber who it is they really are... only to find that there is no awnser... beacuse you are who you are... a soul.. within yourself

this is awesome...
You're an Autum. You're much more laid back then
most and you're very comfortable in new
situations. You rather let things go with the
flow than try to change them. You have a lot of
close friends who love you because you can help
them with their problems. You're a very patient
person and it take a lot to get you rattled.
(If you can't see the pics, go to my homepage
and look near the bottom and find your result)

What season are you? (pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Your weapons are Sais!
Sais! The smalles and lethalest pitchforks on
earth. Invented by farmers, the Sais are more a
defensive weapon to protect yourself against
swords. (This on the pics aren't Sais, but that
was the only pics which mached a bit, sorry

What's your Weapon? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
brought to you by Quizilla
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

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   more about me.... i think it really describes me also Inu Yasha clips....
You are blessed with FAERY wings. Beauty,
laughter, life, magic...that's what you are all
about. You are refreshingly innocent and happy
with your life of purity and play. Life's a
game and it's a good one. In your eyes there's
no way to lose! You can be very mischeivous and
have been known to cause trouble, but it's all
in the name of fun and not meant to really harm
anyone. You like to play tricks on people who
aren't quite as bright or clever as you - which
is almost everyone. Nature is the setting you
prefer to be in - Always. Barefoot and wild you
can't be tamed. You're probably a restless
spirit who loves to travel, and quite a
dreamer. Your creativity is astounding and your
art (of whatever media - from writing to
painting to drama) is like something from
another world - ethereal and often very
fantasy-oriented. You can either be a social
butterfly or a loner with their head in the
clouds - but rarely inbetween. You stubbornly
refuse to accept responsibility or to give in
to the wishes of others - unless you feel like
it. You have a strong passion for music and
can't imagine life without it. You'll grow up
someday, but you'll always be a child at heart.
You are adventurous and love to take risks, and
feel a deep connection with the weather,
plants, and animals. You prefer sunshine to
thunder or snow, the warmth of summer to
autumn's chill, and quiet forests to suburban
backyards. Magic through and through, you are
far more powerful than you seem, and are
capable of being extremely passionate. Though
you can be childish, naive, stubborn, and
self-absorbed, one thing is certain - life with
you will never be boring!

Image copyright Sheila Wolk (prints available
through treefreegreetings.com), words added by

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla

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   naruto so cool....

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You as an anime girl (with pics) by ayane isozaki
Date of Birth
Quiz created with MemeGen!

now here also is me!!

You as an anime girl (with pics) by ayane isozaki
Date of Birth
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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   heres my name!!


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com
yeah!! and here is my user name


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com
oh yeah!! that so is me all of it!!

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   oh yeah! mood ring!

Your Mood Ring is Red




Ready to go

yep thats all about me!

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oh yeah!!

Who is your YuGiOh bf and what does he think of you? by linkinparkluvver11
Fav. Color
Fav. animal
Who is your YGo BF?Tristan Taylor
How much does he love you?: 98%
What does he think of you?You're pretty cool
Quiz created with MemeGen!

thats so awesome ya know!!

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

   WAZ UP!!!!!!
ok today is so awesome i wanna shout out a big THANK YOU!! to the one and only MoonRainGodess! now i can put up a few more things lol like movie clips they are awesome! ok well yeah today is short but sweet laters!!<(^_^)>
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Friday, November 4, 2005

ok that was so cool! i wanna shout out to shiori hana!! she told me how to do this isnt it so cool!!! thanx a buches shiori!! just stare at its awesomeness!! ok well granted its not that cool but it is for me and my blonde self lol ok so who is going to go see the harry potter movie?!?! i swear if you dont you will probably wont know what anyone is talking about for atleast a month!! oh and again my friend ada wants me to shout out for her daniel radcliffe is hot!! (i dont think so but she is one mad stocker i swear it she screams everytime she sees his picture) oh and also this is so awesome my birthday is the same as daniels!! sorry im really hyper today but now i can truely say my site is on its way to being cool! (eh probably not but hey im trying)

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