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I'm on Deviantart.com a whole lot now! So if ya wanna talk to me or just continue seeing my art, GO THERE. So ya I pretty much quit TheO :[ I might post some more of my recent art here though, just because I want to xD


Monday, September 10, 2007

Lawl K guys I've moved on to Deviantart now D; so sad but yes.


D: I hope to see some of you again!



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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hallo everyone! :P Sorry for continuously dieing here but I'm sure I'll catch up once school starts....yes I thought the opposite, that I'll get on here more now since I have all the time in the world xD But I don't o_O Getting here is a way out of my HW and crap xP

Which reminds me..I still have summer homework >.< Reading this NON interesting novel, The Joy Luck Club. =.= eesh it's the least bit interesting...well to me. I'm more into actiony/fantasy stuff :P AND I have to finish my Geometry packet >.> Oh joy...
Well school starts the 27th for me, so I got time.

Umm...I posted more art that hardly anyone looked at! Dx Only Lalagirl commented on it because I told her ;_; Makes me sad, the previous pic made it to the top 3 and this one got nothing pretty much. It's awkward so maybe thats why D: I don't feel like retrieving the linky for you so just go to my portfolio.

Bleh it's 2:40 am. My mum told me to go to bed early xD Getting sleepy anyways. u.u *starts singing Gay Bar song* ...meh Dx Sorry thats song been stuck in my head these past few days...umm umm...


8D more furry art! but I'm still not getting that link to my newest pic on here >3>' I've babbled long enough on here though. I'll visit everyone later today! <3 I hope Dx Sorry if I dun't. 'kays hope everyone has a jolly good day! xD

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