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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Final Fantasy XIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis


Iím LunaInWonderland. But you can call me Luna if you like.
Iím a Jrock fan as you can see by my layout and music.
Gackt and Saga are mine so back off.

I also like some Animes, I love Square Enix games and my favorite book is Alice In Wonderland, hence my name.

I may not be on so.
If I don't already know you.
That sucks for you.

Navigationís on the right and Music and Posts are below:

Whoop whoop

I'm so proud of myself I'm getting to be so good with HTML!
So does anyone like my new layout?
I don't know why I ask, because no one is ever on anyways.

Oh yeah!
So I went to San Diego Comicon 2008.
And it was amazing!
And I got to meet Yuri Lowenthal!
For those of you who didn't know he's the american voice actor of:
Sasuke Uchiha :Naruto

Suzaku Kururugi :Code Geass

Pip Bernadotte :Hellsing

Simon :Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

And a whole bunch of others that I don't feel like posting. And I got to meet Quinton Flynn
Who is the american voice of:
Reno :Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children/Crisis Core

Axel :Kingdom Hearts II

Iruka (Whatever the hell his name is...) :Naruto

So I went to their panels and they talked, (Quinton said "Got it memorized" in the voice of Axel, like 5 bagillion times.)
And then we went to their boothes later in the day, said Hi and got stuff sighed.
So suck on that Naru-tards!
When ever I saw something Naruto, I pronounced it like this:
Oh god did I piss of sooo many people there.
It's not like I have anything against Naruto, it has a lovely storyline that I've been reading the online manga,
But I mean, it's just so main stream that it's funny to watch people cringe at my really bad mis-pronounciation.
BUT, here's my rant.
Sakura is a worth-less piece of (insert horrible word here for a lack of a better word.)

So anyways,
I spent over 200 dollars at the Square Enix-Booth.
And one of the guys that worked there was like,
"Hey! You're back again!"
Jeeze I bought so much stuff there. Cloud on the Hardy Daytona was calling my name, and Tifa, Kadaj, Yuffie, a cactuar plushie and a phone strap.
So it was lotsa fun, I spent alot of money and got alot of free stuff.
So to anyone else considering going next year, I recomened it.

Sooo yeahhhhhh.....
Talk to everyone later.
Bye Sushi!

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