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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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LGA775 (02/03/08)

Hey you wow nice site i love the background and your a Wonderland fan too..I used to watch it all the time..Hehe..

Well im adding you hope its okay well see ya around...Bye


NeonEvangelion (08/15/07)

Ello! I'm James. I'm also a good friend of Sushi's. I just call her Jess, though. Haha. Anyway. Nice to meet you. ^_^ and yes, you can add me.

AiTenTen (08/13/07)

awesome site!
it looks cool!
da layout looks awesome!
ima add u!

DotHackLoner (07/27/07)

hey thanx for signing my gb and i really like ur site...and i'll come to you if i need someone to talk to so yeah hope we can be friends and wat not sorry it took me too long to sign ur gb well i'll cya later

~Amshiaro of the Silver Moon

KZanonymous (07/26/07)

I finally relised I had peole signing my gb, so i've come to thank you for that and I'll sign your....gacktbook.^_^ That made me smile when I saw your sidebar: Gacktfolio,gacktbook...I heart gackt.

I LOVE HOST CLUB!!..but i just changed my layout today....but still love host club and so do a lot of the friends that i have on here. I'd love to be added as a friend and of course will add you as well. I always try to comment on all my friends sites, espiecally if they do the same for me. ^_^

Hope to c'ya round Myotaku.

Insanity Hero (07/22/07)

I see. Well it's nice meeting you. Also I see you sent in a bio sheet for the comic. Thank you for that, but the links to your picture only sends me to the main site. If you could find another picture of that character please do. Other then that the bio looks great.
And it does look like we're both down the rabbit hole. Well thanks for signing my guest book. Talk to you later.
And I'll add you as a friend. Any friend of Demon2010 is a friend of mine. Cheers.

jigglyness (07/21/07)

Hey There. Thanks for signing my guestbook. Sorry it took so long to respond back. Haven't been on lately. >.O anyways. thanks again for the compliment about my site. I personally think your's is pretty awesome too. I can't help but compare. haha. ^^" mine isn't all THAT awesome as you make it sound. I like yours better. As for the comment box, it seems to be fine. there's nothing wrong with it as far as i can see. *shrug* :] and of course you can add me. if you want to. :] I'll add you too.

SniperSogeking (07/05/07)

^ ^ Of Course you can add me!!!! :D Yes I know, its odd that i'm not Usopp :/ But Zoro said he was already taken so I chose Chopper! xD But oh well! Hope to see you around my site sometimes! I love your site! ! ^ ^ Bye Bye *Flys away with dramatic music*

NinjaPirate (07/03/07)

well Luna, it sure was a pleasure metting you!! its awesome that your in the One Piece Character Club!!

(((as you could tell im Robin))

imma add you and you can do the same!


demon2010 (07/02/07)

Holy... Your sites hard to figure out! But I love it. Yeah... So you are Hina? NICE! Well You can add me! I don't care. In fact... I'm Adding you as a friend! XD Us One Piece people gotta stick together like glue, right? XD

~Demon~ (AKA: Luffy)

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