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Welcome to my site and enjoy... if you feel that's even possible. But feel free to talk to me if you'd like. i love to talk. Just don't ask for any request at the moment please. To the people who want one, i'm afraid you're ganna haf to wait. Some people have been waiting a while for their request. and I really am trying, but i happen to be very slow and forgetfull... like a sloth or something. i have no clue why i have so many request in the first place!! ... anyway, i havn't had any art that i know of stolen yet, but i gatta be on my toes. So if you see anything of mine somewhere other than (here, or) Fanart-Central.net and you tell me about it, then i'd be in your debt for like ever... But please take a look at my art galery. And signing my GB would be nice too... i'll do my best to return the favor.
My quote for the moment: "You can't stop hoping, just because it's hopeless. You've got to hope even more, and cover your ears and say 'Blah, Blah, Blah!"

Monday, September 4, 2006

omgwtf. :[
DUDE.... some of my pictures got deleted.... T_T'' and i don't know why. ... i think some one reported my or something. xD but i don't know why. EVERYTHING I PUT UP HERE IS MINE. my only other sites are Fanart-central, DeviantART, and myOtaku. :[ so yeah... that just made me really sad and ticked off. D: especialy because it was MINE. so... if you know who did it... i'm not looking for trouble. i just thing i have a right to know why exactly my stuff was taken down. T_T
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Monday, August 14, 2006

xD ... wow.. yeah. it's been forever and a day since i last updated. ... i'm not really on here much, and i'm thinking i might as well leave. YOU guys are great. i'd stay if the site it's self was a little more to my liking. and deviantART just changed it's layout.. which is very crappy might i add.. but yeah. it's been really fun guys and i ADORE hearing from you all. thanks for the great times, lovely comments on my art, and for just being the awesome people you all are. keep up the amazing work. ;0; i love you guys. i'm incredibly sorry to leave you all like this. i'll come back someday though... for the soul purpose of talking to you all again. :[ gawd i miss you. take care. *blows kisses*
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Sunday, April 16, 2006


something i cooked up while watching IZ agian. i havn't done fanart of this show in forever. and i like how it came out. i'v been playing KH2 a lot lately as are a bunch of other people... who probably havn't even played the first one T.T, but yeah.. i'm sorta hung up on that.. and i just wanted to update and wish everyone a happy early easter. :]

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Monday, April 10, 2006

went to the fallout boy concert on saterday. :3 they were with all american rejects, and the two opening bands were 'the hush sound' and 'heroine'. they were all really good, and i had a blaaaast. :D i got a free CD with my hush sound t-shirt, so i've been listening to that all day. and i've been playing KH... not constantly becuase i'm loser and i don't want it to end, while everyone else is like 'zomg, i need to beat it in 2 days. :0' so i'm on spring break and i just played it again. i've actually just been sorta too busy to play it too, so it'll be awesome to get time in this week for that. i miss all of you guys, and it looks like you're doing pretty good here. :] again, if anyone has a DA account i'm at http://blacktop-demon.deviantart.com/ so you can like.. holla at me. xD well yeah, i'll be trying to post some art here sometime. i don't really like how it's set up here, so we'll just see about that. hope everyone is ok. i'll talk to you later whoever happens to pass by. :D *waves*
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Monday, February 27, 2006

birthday :]

yes. X3 my birthday today. and i drew this because i'm lame. ... eh. well, i thought i'd throw that atcha. have a coolio day. i finaly preordered kingdom hearts. *does a little dance* and drawing sora was something that i had to do... yay! ttyl! much love to everyone. :3

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