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Yo. i'm Erik. I'm new to Otaku but I like Anime and Manga so i thought it would be cool to start. To bad i can't draw :(. Anyway plz be nice to me and i will try to update often.

My Japanese name is Eikichi Akera.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

vacation rocks, sctatch that, not being home rocks
So i just5 got back from my family reunion(boring), hanging out with my step-uncle(less boring, but still boring) and visiting every person in the state of minnestota(kill me now) but its all over and done with. I got back yesterday at 'round 6.I had my first day of work today(I help at a summer day camp)but it got rained out half-way thru. so far that my summer, and its quite boring. anyway, hows everyone, who else has had a boring-ass summer. If you have, say AYE!
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

   ha HA!
im updating. and its been less than a week. this feels so wierd. so, whats going on with everybody? im fine, though ive been bored lately, but my life is pretty boring. Im really happy school is almost out, we have i think 8 days left (correct me if im wrong, if you know) Anyway, uhh.....yeah
Whats been going on in everybodies lives. send me a message or post and tell me whats up, and maybe it will spark a wierd conversation idea so i have something to talk about, because i never have anything to talk about. Anyway, have a good (hopefully no longer until i update) week.


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

   i think the whole :bussiness: thing is getting to me
SO SO SO sorry i keep forgetting to update. I have been really busy lately and when I'm not I'm usually at school. How has everybody been. AS for me, I ben OK. I need to find some stuff to ask for for my birthday and I have to write 3 papers during this week.
I need to find a way to put a reminder on the computer that will tell me to update, because i just cant remember. ANyway, ill going to check out my guestbook if there is anything new, so, uhh, have a nice day, or week, or month until i update.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi, if you remember me...
Hello Everybody! I don't think ive posted in 4 or 5 months. sorry! anyone that still has me as a frined, come sen me a message, because i feel lonely. Anyway, in the last couple of moths school has gone by really fast and we have 4th quarter midterms soon, i think... Ive been messing around with rpgmaker for a while, and its fun, and not much of a bother to figure things out. if you want to try it, its a 30 day free trial or %60 for it forever, which i will probably do. the url is http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/tkool/RPG_XP/eng/index.html
other than that my life is still pretty boring, now im going to go try to change up my background, i think it looks kind of emo. SEE YA LATER, and hopeful that is shorter than a month or 2!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

hey, my friend was bothering me about updating so i uh, updated! I will hopefully update more on thursday because chrismas break(sorry, holiday break, sorry for those who don't celebrate christmas)starts, and i will have time, between sleeping, school, and sleeping. Anyway. My life is boring. I have a project I have to do over break, ughh, but o well. How is everyone else,feel free to comment me. Im bored, give me something to do.
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