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hi im lu13 and this is my site!
Oh! and ive got to say thanks to hajilover who introduced me to Otaku! thank you! So hope youguys enjoy my site!
If you read the side bar you will see that i love inuyasha and fruits basket^-^, I love fullmoon o sagashite but i am also an FMA fan and i love sailor moon even till this day. i am a shojo beat fanatic and i have haji to thank again for that because i find alot of advertisements in there..so i run into alot of shojo manga that i love (example are vampire knight, millenium snow, and fall in love like a comic)
I love to draw and i even like to write even though my spelling sucks...

92% of all teenagers have moved to rap
if ur part of the 8% who stuck with rock put this in ur profile (i hate rap)

( ) ( )
(> <)
this is bunny
copy and paste bunny to ur profile
to help him on his journey to world domination.

currently i have no theme because i have not had time to work on a replacement for my christmas theme, please be pacietnt with me...i have alot on my plate with school and all starting back..

Please remember not to leave lu's site and not have signed my guest book that is a must!
But PLEASE dont send me chain letters or any thing like that its not cool!

thank you for visiting my site!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

   Feeling guilty
Wow guys... i can honestly say i haven't ever felt so bad about not posting... but my life has been CRAZY for the past few months... lets use yesterday morning for example... i almost caused a wreck. i pulled out in front of this guy cuz i thought i could make it.i shouldn't have though.. he went into the median and everyone was okay(including the cars) thank God. Last week was my first pep rally of the year and first football game of the year. it was FUUUUUUUUN and tomaro is my brothers first peewee game of the year... yay *sarcastic* i would say they were fun to.. but im always by myself...narg..otherwise my life is pretty gravy..
OH! and im gonna try and get a new theme up pretty soon.. and maybe upload some pictures.. plz go comment on them!>.<
OH! has anybody read the new Arina Tanemura series yet? (time stranger kyoko and Short tempered melancholic) Im totaly into them!
Even bigger news TWILIGHT MOVIE! NOVEMBER!! YEAH!! woot! WOOT! woot! so excited. anybody read the last book yet? I DID!! loved it. hope to start talkin to you guys more often! luv ya.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

okay everyone... i just spent an hour uploading pictures i worked sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard on... so check to see them.. they should be up by tuesday..but dont hold me to that..i have 4 pics up as of now so if you would like to see them go right a head and comment aswell im always interested to hear opinions..dont worry if they suck..say so..it wont hurt my feelings...it just means i should work harder! i appriciate it all! well thank you for your time.. im off!
You can call me lu

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