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Man created an acid rain that now washes away the very sand castles he has built. Or perhaps, he needs to wash away all his deeply hidden secrets.

You're blind aren't you? How did you know that I was trying to commit suicide?

You know they say when one is blind the other senses become more sensitive. Perhaps I posses a sixth sence, eh?...did your girl friend reject you?

Nothing like that. I'm just sick of everything. Maybe its punishment for falling in love with someone I shouldn't.

Well how pathetic. A hopeless love. Everyone's criticizing you and you decide to end your life in a feckless attempt to run away? That just makes you a poor loser. Is your entire lif made up of running away at the moment of crisis?

SHUT UP! Are you just trying to make it worse with that talk? You want everyone to stare at me in disgust or laugh at me? Or maybe you just want me to suffer in this world all alone?

Yes. I want you to squirm and suffer much much more. But you must never run away. No matter how much you suffer, you must rise up like the phoenix. At those times you will become much, much stronger. Right now you feel alone because the ones who usually orbit around you are in pain. But when you have grown stronger and are able to see the truth you will under stand that you are never alone. Live the way you want to live. Thrust away the fate that torments you. Then you'll be able to laugh at it. You should be able to do that.

--Lord Zaphikel with Setsuna
"Angel Sanctuary"

ty jenny:)

Friday, June 23, 2006

omg it's summer, and yes u think o it's summer i guess it's time to relax and have fun. well i am relaxing and i am having a ton of fun with alot of friends but there is so much fucking drama going on and i just can't stand it. there are just those certain people you want to smack over the head until they learn to not be constant bitches. ti's like they act like they're your friends, but then they do stupid shit and still act like your friends. well tonight i got blamed for somethign that someone else did and it made me really mad. i've been working on getting less and less bitchy but i think i just ruined that toniight. i was just in shock that i did nothign but got blemed for everything GOSH. but it may work out... and if it dont thats ok, it TOTALLY sucks but it's ok... maybe if i say that enough it'll become true
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Friday, April 7, 2006

   no definate emotion
lately people have been asking.. how has your day been? i just say i have no idea, it's not good but then again it's not bad. there's no one emotion (good or bad) that defines my entire day. today is the first day of vacation and for those of you who don't know i HATE vacations! especially when all your good friends (except a few) live over 30 min away and i can't drive. well tomorrow i got this competition at the college which means that i get to go and sing, then play world of warcraft all day, then sing in the finals (i found out that i'm practically gaurenteed a spot in the finals seeing as i'm the only male high school contestant lol) so it shoudl be a good lonely day tomorrow, but it's ok i guess... my other problem is pple just being plain stupid, i hate stupid people that do stupid things just to fit in. i hate them. so how have u all been? long time no talk
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Sunday, April 2, 2006

help me out
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Sunday, February 5, 2006

well i had an insanely long day. i woke up and was bored till around 230pm. i played a good game, but i did so bad (i havn't played it in years) so i quit it. so i went to work at 3:00pm. i worked my ass off and got out at 10:20. went home, got home around 10:25. went to babysit at 10:30pm, and now it's been 3 hrs up here hanging out on the ocmputer. which i got on at 11:05pm. the parents said they'd be home at 1, so they're a little late lol. but i gotta get up for church, yes i'm actually going to church this sunday. it's the church i like, so i'm pretty excited. sad news though, the pastor at the church that i dotn' really like is leaving:( he's a really good guy, n' everyones discouraged n' all. well i'm gunna stop typing now so i don't start to ramble lol. how was yr guyz day?
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Friday, February 3, 2006

   still loving my little high i have going here
well school wasnt' to bad today! i was pleasantly surprised to tell u the truth. i wish i could type u guys everything, but sadly i can't for reasons that i also can't explain lol. but i'm trying to memorize my lines for the play. tomorrow i'll be working starting @ 3, and working at subway till 1030, then babysitting till about 2am. i'll earn a ton, but i'm gunna be so tired. o n' i get to go to the church i like this sunday, it should be a lot of fun. how r u guys all doing?
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