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Hey! What's up people? I made this account a while ago and probably haven't been on in what seems like forever >_>'...
My favorite animes are D.Gray-Man, OHSHC, Hellsing, Bleach, Blood+, Full Metal Panic!, Naruto, Shugo Chara!, and a hell of a lot more.
I have read way over 300 different manga series. (I used to have a list but my hard drive died and took everything with it T-T!) I can't name my favorites cuz it's way to hard choose. Recently I've learned of the joys of smut, yaoi, and maybe even a little hentai but don't bash me for it. I love Shoujo but I'm not really into Shounen or Seinen.
I have finally started going to cons and cosplaying and it is freakin amazing XD! Hope to crash into someone there.
Well sign my guestbook, drop a comment, message me anytime ;D! ttyl!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

   Back after a long break...?
Well I haven't been here for a while. A lot has happened in my absence... I've started going to conventions, cosplaying, read a hell of a lot more manga, watched many more animes, and recently got myself a cute boy ;D! My mama and dad are currently living apart from each other but I don't really mind. I'm in high school now (10th grade) and I've made a lot more friends who are also anime obessive XD! Well I guess thats it for now! ttyl!

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