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Monday, April 14, 2008

   im back!
i thought i deleted this site.. Im glad it
didnt though. wow Alot happened in the past 2 years.
When i came upon this site again i almost cried.
I remember all the silly and fun stuff i did
when i was younger.Also the memories i had with myotaku.
looking back 2 years from now
this site reminded me how much of a big anime
fan i truly really am and that makes me proud
and happy. lol myotaku sure has changed. I
feel guilty neglecting this site. :/

wahhhh im sorry!! >.>

gosh i feel like kicking my old self
in the shins for thinking about deleting this.
lol I just remembered my back up account to.
hmmm based on how it looks i may use my back up
as a fanfic site as i may have said way back then.

2 yrs happened= highschool, drama, drawing(actually improved someway), friends moving to
different schools.. :'( that means you GaaraoftheDesert1!!!(aka carley) new friends,
life, anime,manga(new ones), more projects, stage
plays, orchestra, video games, new gamecube i got
this year(i dont care if its not "IN" anymore!:])
more knowledge, "allergic to history class"...*ahem*.. hmmmm what else travelling, road trips. etc. i cant really list all since it
has been 2 yrs . I miss you guys!! im such a dork.


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Friday, May 26, 2006

   Im Sorry...
I'm sorry but Im going to delete this site NOW....so I might use my back up acount chibi_chibi123 ... So Yeah....I SAY MY GOODBYES TO THIS SITE.....

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Monday, May 22, 2006

   Hello Everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in days! I've been busy in school. YAY! I got my most favorite game of all back!!!! HARVEST MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I borrowed the game from a friend...hehe) YAY! I'm gonna play it tonight......hopefully I could keep it until nxt week.....so talk later!

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