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Hi i'm loveriku4life, I LOVE riku from kingdom hearts hence the name some of my other anime crushes roxas,and kadaj from advent children.

What is your eye color?brown
What is your hair color?dark brown
What's the first anime you saw?Sailor Moon
What is your favorite anime?Inuyasha
Favorite game?Dead or alive,kingdom hearts,final fantasy
Are you a boy or girl?girl
What looks do you like on guys/ girls?
What is your favorite hair style?spikey,medium
Eye color? brown,hazel
Hair color?blonde,brown
Tall, average, or short?average
Yourself again
Main hobby?writing
What do you hate the most?spiders
What are your fears?not having friends
Do you like school?sorta
Are do you act around friends?serious one and funny
Favorite animal?cats,dogs
Favorite drink?pepsi
Favorite game system?xbox 360,PS3,PS2
Favorite anime company?tecmo,square enix
Favorite game company?tecmo
If you could live any where where would you go?London
Favorite song?Everywhere by Michelle Branch
Favorite sanger?Michelle Branch
Do you like your parents?yes
Daddy's girl/boy or Momma's girl/ boy?no
What kind of music do you like?every type but country and metal
Do you find animated people more attracting or real people?yes
Favorite food?sushi,pizza


Sunday, December 24, 2006

   The last post
Well this is my last post of the year, this year has been... bittersweet. Poor Kumi left this year, and other school things happened and I dropped a few friends after what happened this year ( Its in earlier posts). This post is probably going to be very short, I really dont hae much to say anymore still one more day till Christmas, yay! Well see you all next year!
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Monday, November 6, 2006

   Wow, a lot has changed
Wow, I haven't posted in almost 4 months, and I see popularity is just gone. I've been soo busy and tired I don't know why. High school is soo fun still! I have been overloaded in schollwork. I still cant believe the people in my class, some of them are soo silly. I already found someone who is soo sweet and nice, hmm...sounds like my old post how time will find me someone new. I got soo mad at some of my friends, I was trying to describe myself in Spanish and they were like " Ignore her" thats mean, and they can go speaking that French and crap. Thats it for today, I probably wont post until winter break or before Christmas.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

   Today and tomorrow
Hello everyone, I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to post, I've been so busy the last few weeks. Well tomorrow school starts for me sadly, sometimes I feel that summer is way too short. Im soo excited and a bit scared that I'm going to a school were I don't know where everythings at, but I looked aroud the campus so I should be good, sadly I have to walk home tomorrowfro school,maybe I'll walk to school since I live 9 minutes away. Still Im excited nonetheless, not much happened this week, camp was fun except the instrutor, Ms. Haggardy, she was soo boring. Anyways soory for not being here. See ya!
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