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Ello Loves!!!! I'm Sango and welcome to my humble home page. well as you can see i'm 16, gotta fucked up life but my friends and love help it easier. i love forign stuff and well yeah! if ya wanna talk then just PM me or IM me on yahoo or AIM i'll be on AIM a lot more now so yeah! my e-mail is Sango3670@yahoo.com if you prefer that. So hope you enjoy and sign my GB if you want. AND PLEASE COMMENT!!!! thanks! -hugg- love ya!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

   Long time eh?
Ok well to start off i am really happy now. I have a boyfriend, I live on my own, i started smoking again because of stress i went through, i'm happy....it's as simple as that. i've gotten a lot better at drawing and i'll be sure to put some samples up when i can. i've been on gaia and myspace non-stop lately so sorry bout that. that's all for now but i will keep in touch this time i promise.
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hyde from L'arc~en~ciel
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I finally quit smoking....
alonedarkshadow : you remember what I said about the drinking thing
sango_chan_367: they are creampuffs she said i could only have one
sango_chan_367: yeah i know but that was drinking!!!
sango_chan_367: XD
alonedarkshadow : that goes for smoking and anything bad
sango_chan_367: well...i was planning for this to be my last one.....i was going to stop after this one
sango_chan_367: but if you won't let me then i'll just continue
alonedarkshadow : that's wahat they all say
sango_chan_367: no really
alonedarkshadow : ok then
sango_chan_367: i haven't smoked for 5 months before today
sango_chan_367: i only did it cause i broke down this is the last
alonedarkshadow : yeah but you did
sango_chan_367: i know.....but i did it to hurt myself this one ws to say goodbye
alonedarkshadow : I mean it your better stop
sango_chan_367: i will...after this one
alonedarkshadow : no..... now
sango_chan_367: after this one i mean it.......if you don't let me then i'll drink
alonedarkshadow : I will cut myself then if you do
sango_chan_367: ok fine....i won't do it..right now
sango_chan_367: but i will get this last one
sango_chan_367: i'm sorry but it's what i do...everytime i quit something i have to have one last something to finish it off
sango_chan_367: then i never do it again
alonedarkshadow : that's what I say, but that doesn't happen
sango_chan_367: no but it does with me
sango_chan_367: that's what happened with burning myself
sango_chan_367: i haven't done that in over 2 years
alonedarkshadow : ok, but that better be the last one you ever have
sango_chan_367: it will be i promise you
alonedarkshadow : ok, but if not there will be problems
sango_chan_367: there won't
alonedarkshadow : do you know what this is?
sango_chan_367: a pen?
alonedarkshadow : lol no but good gurss, it's what's going to start the problems if that's not you last one
sango_chan_367: ok.......
sango_chan_367: it's the same thing my friend uses.....
alonedarkshadow : it's a craft knife, just to tell you mine can cut through bone. I know it happened before. so you better not have anymore
sango_chan_367: i know......i use on in painting and photography
sango_chan_367: look it's almost done...
alonedarkshadow : lol you know eryk is going to like you less
sango_chan_367: just don't tell him...this is between you and me
alonedarkshadow : ok
sango_chan_367: brandy is against it to but i won't tell her either
sango_chan_367: only shauna or anyone who asks if i want one
alonedarkshadow : but really though, he gets really sick if people smoke near him. I swear one time he was going to die
sango_chan_367: then don't let people do it near him
sango_chan_367: look only a few seconds left
sango_chan_367: i know this is hurting you
sango_chan_367: so if you want to make just...a small cut and let me see...i'll know you won't do i again either
sango_chan_367: done
alonedarkshadow : no, I trust you
sango_chan_367: ok......
sango_chan_367: i'm sorry
alonedarkshadow : it's ok
sango_chan_367: no i know it's not....but it was the last time i'll feel myself dieing by my hands
sango_chan_367: see i didn't do it much so that's why i still get dizzy and crap from it
alonedarkshadow : ok, I just don't like it. even thought I use to smoke, I just hate it to see back at what my life was.
sango_chan_367: yeah but i know mine will be the same way for a while...but i have to be strong for both of us
alonedarkshadow : My grandma died from smoking, I loved her alot and I'm really depressed I didn't get to say bye and that I love her. i just don't want that to be with you
sango_chan_367: i'm sorry.......
sango_chan_367: i understand how you feel....
sango_chan_367: i feel like shit for hurting you....i shouldn't have done that...i was thiking stupidly at my needs not yours
sango_chan_367: i'm sorry......
alonedarkshadow : no, it's your life. I don't choose what you do, you have your own choice of what you want to do with your life.
sango_chan_367: ....i know...but still...i didn't think...
alonedarkshadow : I really don't care, I just want you to be happy. and if smoking helps you. then I'm ok with it then
sango_chan_367: no it doesn't.....it was my way of cutting...of slowly killing myself...but i have more reasons to live now that's why i wanted to quit...and i just did
sango_chan_367: no more....as long as you stop cutting
alonedarkshadow : lol I told you, I only cut when the people I love and care for do bad things
sango_chan_367: then no more for both of us....we stopped together...that's what i wanted
alonedarkshadow : yay
sango_chan_367: yeah....i really just want you to be happy....and safe....and to not be hurt again though i know you will...we all will at some point in time
sango_chan_367: more then once
alonedarkshadow : yeah
sango_chan_367: -small smile- creampuff is going to be mad about loseing her favorite smoking buddy
alonedarkshadow : lol

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