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hey im 14 i like my site so i don't care if you do my life is ok not to good right now but i have the best friends you could ask for in life im not a real good person but im definitely not perfect im far from it but no one is i fuck up a lot in life my parents can be assholes im not the child they wanted cause im not a girly girl my brother is the holy child in my family im just the fuck up i guess but im alright with that i hate being alone in my love life but in my regular life i like being alone i hurt a lot of ppl but i don't and didn't mean to i just don't think i love fire its fun so im a pyromaniac im considered emo i do cut i dont care wat you thin it doesnt matter to me cause im who i am and im not going to change for hmm im not sure but i really think im still bi im not sure oh well fuck it i guess i still am a

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<br /><br /><p align=Monday, May 19, 2008

damn its been awhile sense ive been on here well um hi everyone wats up?
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Friday, November 16, 2007

im on at shcool
i figured out how to unblock it.
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