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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scary girl problem at school -_-

I haven't been updating for SOOOOO long!! It's just that I'm busy with school and stuff, I'll just quickly recap my last two weeks:

23rd October (Tuesday)
Physics Test, got the test back now, got a pass. Meh. Better than failing =P

24th October (Wednesday)
Oh god. Maths Test, English Test, French vocabulary test. All in one day. We died that day xP

29th October (Monday)
Chemistry test. I didn't flunk it luckily, but I was below average...and here I thought I was good at it -_-"

31sh October (Tuesday)
RS test. Can you believe it? I have a test on BIBLE. That's just too funny for me lol. We highlight points in bible XDDD that's just too amazing lol.

2nd November (Firday)
Pinic Day. Apparently it should be going to camp...for a day. And guess what? It's nothing like a camp compare to Australian camping. (During camp, we see wolves...and kangaroos and koalas...they are so cute =3) On that day, we go to a 5 storey building with AIR CON. There's a CANTEEN, PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS AND A KARAOKE ROOM. My friends were gonna sing...but you know what song they have? Elvis. Woah. As if we can sing his songs...we aren't even guys lol. What else? SOme other people which we never even heard of...maybe they were from the Elvis generation too? We have no idea lol.

Well that's about it so far. Had RS test again. Tommorow Maths Test...

Anyway, to the main thing. On Saturday we went to french speech festival. Guess what? La Salle College are there. It's a guy school, we are girl school. And what happened? We are from french commitee, we organise joint school activities. One is with La Salle. Our PRO, saw a guy from the La Salle French Commitee and fell for him. I have nothing against that, but the fact that our secretary is ALSO falling for the same guy, is really freaking me out. They are FRIENDS. Now what? They see each other every day, have the same lessons (except when one has Geography while the other Economics), basically SITS next to each other. Sure, they feel akward, since both like the same guy, but the fact is...one of the girls (let her be A), who NEVER talked to me like a friend, is TALKING TO ME NOW, not that it's shocking, but she talk to me to bring the message to the other girl...like i'm a goddamn messager -_-" The other girl (let her be B) says she doesn't want their friendship to be broken because of a guy, I understand her, but A doesn't.

Now let's see. I met that guy, and in MY opinion: He is NOT that cool/cute/hot/whatever to be worth fighting over. I don't see why girls fight over guys like that. I never did that...must mean I met too little boys I'm intersted in...or maybe liek my friend said: 'Watching too much anime will make you think that all guys in the world are ugly, because the guys in the anime are always so hot.' LOL.

All I'm saying is, right now at school I feel weird. Being a messager, standing between my two classmates with a not-gonna-speak-to-each-other mood, it's really freaking me out. Just thought I should say it out =]

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