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Monday, February 12, 2007

   been a while...
I just remembered how much fun this site was. but then i saw the pile of stuff have to catch up on, and i promise i'll get to everyone's gb signings etc tomorrow. anyways, i'm back!
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Sunday, June 5, 2005

hmm... today... was it really only one day?
today i had to babysit my one-year-old sister at 7:30 in the morning. it was actually pretty fun because at 7:30 she's not as grouchy as se is during the day and she was actually pretty cute. my mom had to take m brother to the SAT II's and my stepdad was alseep and my sister (other sister) was at a party, so i was the only one available to baby-sit. but when my mom came back and my stepdad woke up and, guess what. SHE STARTED WALKING!!! i was so happy, because it was the first time she was walking and my sibs werent there to see it (okay, that was mean). but the part that was the most touching was that my mom had put her down on the floor, and she started walking to me! not my mom or stepdad, but me! i was so happy!
then later we had to pick up my brother from the SAT II's, and i went along, cuz we were going to borders afterward. i got a very belated birthday present for my sis, a Foxtrot comic book, and for myself i got *drumroll* A STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S EDITION SOUNDTRACK!! i was so exited. i listened to it when i got home, much to the annoyance of my sis because i had to play it on my computer speakers because my headphones werent working.
so yeah... that was my day, and i should probably get off my computer because its 9:30 and my mom is going to come in here telling me to get get to bed. technically, i'm in bed(this is a laptop), but i don't think she'll appreciate my being fresh. see yas.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

okay, i'm back
i dont know what this post should be about. half of me wants to write about what a bitch my stepsister is, and part of me wants to give you all this lecture about star wars, which we saw today. whatever. i'll just tell the story of my day, and that will include both.

so today when i woke up i wanted to get all my hw done early, cuz i knew that we were seeing the movie in the afternoon. i just decided not to complain about my stepsis, cuz that would be very mean of me. so i'll just say that she got on my nerves a lot. what i'm really angry about, though, is that after the movie, i wanted to reflect on it, like i do with a lot of movies, especially the ones i really like. it helps me to understand it more, appreciate it more, and commit more of it to my memeory. you guys have probably decided that i'm a complete weirdo now, but i like doing it (dont ask). anyway, i wanted to reflect on it on the car ride home, but she would not shut up! and she wasn't talking about the movie or anything important. she was laughing and talking about how funny our stepdad looked when he couldn't get the gasoline machine to work. because of that, i ant rememer half of it and i still dont know what i think of it. but that's not the worst thing she did this visit. i should probbly stop before i start getting really nasty.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

sry i probably wont be on for a while
i just found this new site and i'll probably be there a lot. if you want to check it out, follow the link.
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

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Monday, May 2, 2005

i have a really wierd song stuck in my head. its from a goofy CD meant for kids. i'll write out the lyrics.
its about this kid who finds a thing (animal) and wants to keep it. here are a few of the lyrics:

please can i keep it, it followed me home,
what exactly it is, i don't know

i can find it a bowl and give it some food
whenever it needs to be fed,
or maybe i wont have to it seems pretty smart -
see? its helping itself to our bread.
REALLY helping itself to our bread
and some fruit
all the fruit
and some juice
and the flowers
and the vase

please can i keep it?
its fur is so soft,
though i knoe it is shedding a lot
it can sleep on my floor
ir it fits through the door
it can sleep in the hallway if not

etc. imagine having that running through your head. ug.

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