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Time to start a new... wind. For those who dont know who I am, good. Just kidding. My odd account as Sasuke314. But thats history... So lets ride a different wind... PMs are welcomed and any advice...

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   For Someone Special to me (hope she reads it)....

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This is a kinda poem i made for the only person i thought i could love but i guess we can't tell the future:

If we met at fate's gate,
Would you turn from me?
If we met in the rain,
Would you still smile?
People say you can never change
But i say people can change if they are in love.
Unreturned feelings of the present upsets us,
So let us look to where these feelings will take us.
Rain tends to calm us, thats where our feelings lie.
A smile for the new days upon us,
A smile for the future we hold in our hands,
Why do we enjoy the rain while smiling?
Because we know that we are in love.
So why not stand at that gate,
that gate where we fell in love?

~Kamosirenai sono ame michibiku ware-ware.~
(Let the rain guide us)

Just something i thought i would, ya know, put out there...

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Life is Annoying- Like the Sun

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Can't say that i hate my like but then again i can't say i love it either. There are people to live for and die for. I, for one, only live for a few people and would die for 1.

Question: Whats wrong with saying 'I love you' to someone you don't love?

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Part 1-The New Sasuke Uchiha...
Orochimaru's influence has also added a number of abilities to Sasuke's arsenal, as first seen with his cursed seal. After recovering from the initial application of the seal, Sasuke finds himself endowed with increased speed and strength, as well as less merciful tendencies when the seal is active. In addition, when his chakra reserves are low, Sasuke can use the seal to momentarily give him a boost of chakra. Wanting more of this power, Sasuke abandons Konoha to seek out Orochimaru and forcefully advances his cursed seal to level 2. While in the level 2 form, Sasuke is able to compete with a demon fox-fueled Naruto, and is even given a brief ability to fly when using the wings that grow from his back. In Part II, Sasuke is even able to advance only parts of his body to their second level state, and the curse seal itself becomes less tiring for him to use. In addition to the cursed seal, he gains the snake summoning contract, which is located on his left arm. With it, Sasuke can summon giant snakes to use as shields or call forth smaller snakes from his sleeves to immobilize targets. After absorbing Orochimaru, Sasuke is able to heal at a faster rate, an attribute allowed to him by one of the modifications made to Orochimaru's body.

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