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Monday, April 30, 2007

sorry people but im back
hey people sorry im not posting much but every time i try to get online in my room my wireless internet cuts out. (glares at invisable wireless signals) i think it may be one of three things,
1)my giant steel frame bed is blocking the signals
2)my crappy cheap USB wireless adapter
3)the fact that my mum keeps puting the router on top of the wireless root box causing it to over heat.
but its prop a combo of all three.

im in the Tech now (community college) for my night classes and teacher is late so internet is mine for a short while.
my life is crap about now. you may remember me ranting about my 'promotion' well theres alot of (other peoples) crap i need to clean up and i have to deal with a lot of people who i'd rather tell to **** off but because i work in a call centre i HAVE to be nice. remember that if you ever have to call a call centre there may be a harassed person like LMD at the other end of the phone so be nice, if you can..... (I need a stress ball…..)
Some one thought it would be a great idea to install a plexiglass door in the hall way too. its clear, has no posters or stickers on it and its clean, except for the face prints. Yes we keep forgetting about it and walk into the dam thing. so far i've only done it twice. poor alan did it with a cup of coffee in his hand..... ow, as if the evil electric door wasn't enough!!!
some thing funny happened last month too. i decided that i would be good and stop snacking at my desk (hides crisp packets) and the day i started that a couple of guys came in and took away the vending machines. i laughed my head off, but a few hours later new machines came in (we switched suppliers) with even more tempting snacks in it. but im being good im not snacking!!
Also, somehow, someone smuggled in 3 games and circulated them via internal email. tetris, sonic and pacman and since i suck and sonic and pacman i play tetris i have the current HIGHSCORE!! YEAH!!
Last week I was dying of the flu. I went in on Monday for an hour then went home, spent the next three days in bed unable to keep down a glass of water then feeling a bit better I went in on Friday. But after 2 hours my boss sent me home saying I was too pale. I was sick for the rest of the weekend and still was up to last Thursday but I couldn’t stay off any more days, I was docked £80 from my pay check cuz im stil on my 6 months probation. (mumbles angrily)

Well I’ve watched Naruto up to just after the time skip to were gaara gets kidnapped. But after the chuin exams all I can get are subtitled Japanese versions, not than im complaining im learning a bit of Japanese from it but subtitles takes away from the effect. if I have time im gonna try to do some drawings but that’s doubtful… I’ve done a quick sketch of young Gaara which is kinda cute but as I say, no net to post it.
I’m so angry too I finally get down to the book store with enough spare cash to buy a ‘how to draw amine/manga’ book and they tell me they sent the books back because noone was buying them! I was gonna!!!

My PS2 had its swan song last week too….. this thing was one of the first sold in derry so what the PS2 was released in 2000 wasn’t it? So it was 7 years old. It was too old to play a DVD and took a lot of work to get it to play a game. So last week me and skip took it to be retired. We where gonna trade it in for a discount on a new slim one, but the damn thing didn’t work!!!! So I turned to the guy and said.
“Know what, just dump the damn thing and gimme a PS2 slim…. NOT PINK” so full price for PS2 slim (which was a lot smaller than I envisioned, just like the Wii) and it works perfectly I love it! Know what would have been fun I shoulda kept it and took a hammer to it heehee.

Final thing now, angel you mentioned you’d have some advice for me about ‘aftermath’ like what? Hints, tips, points of interest?

Sorry for the long post…. U all love me really…

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Friday, March 30, 2007

short and sweet
New pics are up, very little time right now

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