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Is in love with____ and will marry him!!
Second I happen to also love cupcakes with sprinkles. Third I love Harry Potter. Fourth I love the color pink. and lastly I just can;t stop loving you.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

   Back again
Hello I haven't really introduced myself. I'm a girl with dreams of someday becoming the lover of a certain person. He happnes never to notice me(which makes it worse). anyhow I also love the color pink for some odd reasons. I currently will be turning that certain age. Hope everyones's doing well. HAppy B-day Dorothy.
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Friday, April 6, 2007

I must confess once again to my secret love(NOT MY CURRENT BF whom I hate!!) he's sooo amazing like a god, sometimes I just wan't to blurt out to the entire world he's mine only and I WANT U SOOOO BAD!!!! I'm desperate for him!!!

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   in love with him!!
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

   I still love Hubby!!
Even after 5 years, I love him still but will he ever love me back? Today he seemed thrilled to have me close as always but saddened he was when he saw me and my supposed Bf kinda playing around, what can that mean?

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

   It's Official
I'm in love, with some guy who doesn't like me but tries to change his attitude towards me.I wrote something during the week I hope yah like it.

Honorable Sir,

Itís my hearts desire to finally receive my darkest gift from the all mighty god of the heavens. Too long have I lingered without this magical sensation that would complete me fully. Receiving this gift would benefit the world and its people including the young, and old. Believe me or not but you would do me so much good if you gave me this tingly courage. Reasons vary but my most favorable answer lies within my own writing. First dear sir you must understand that I fear those more powerful than me and second I never have the strength to defend myself from those who did me great harm more than once. Behind my long hair stands a tiny child of mere four years wearing the plainest cotton dress, speaking only to her older sister who protects her from all others, and has a phobia for school.
Correct I had a tendency to freak out in class when one of the boys would try to sway me. Frightened and verge to tears I would yell for help without thinking the consequences. I received a good thrashing from the instructor who paid no attention my pleas. Mother was always angered when she found out about my incidents and too would unleash fury. Courage was long forgotten only sorrow and despair remembered, led to an era of greater sadness. My family fell apart beginning with the death of my beloved grandmother Jesus Maria who died on my first birthday.
Courage I think is essential to the human soul for without it we would not be able to survive unless you are a monster. Sure this sounds so tragic and sad but with courage I personally will feel powerful and confident about every decision but somehow blind from my true intentions. Truthfully I want only happiness and live the normal life of an average person, including having honest friends who wouldnít betray me in the worst possible ways. In conclusion I ask only to live a life without worries and cares but with love and hope.

By Lp

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

My midterms were okay I felt kinda confident though I only made two c's and th4e rest were b's and a's hahah man yah should have seen the look on my sis face when she met my supposed gorgeous teacher. That girl and actually get a guy by themselves seriously their was a flock of women surrounding him until my sister came along and gradually introduced herself behind his back (some things should not be said at this moment) yah well it turns out they talked about me and some junk ow he looks after me though I don't ask for it......WEIRDO!!!(He lives with his dog chopper man seriously thats his entire family)........LOVE YAH FOREVER!!!
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Blah, Blah,Blahhhh,blah,BLAH....man I feel bored but other than that i feel great and ready to fo somthing cool though I have no clue to what that might be? Probably hang out with my old friends who are going to give me a surprise dinner or soo?weird I kinda Like this dude who is kinda older than me seriously he is soo different and wonderful though in the end I just admire him in reality nothing else but that admiration. Peers I will try to update some stuff because I feel i haven't contributed anything..
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