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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the happenings were interesting...
so, i lost my lip ring last night.

i found it though.

it fell out when i itched my nose rather violently.

i should probably learn not to do that in my sleep.

that was how i lost my stud.

i never found that one.

i doubt i ever will.

that stupid little stud the size of an atom.

i have to take a shower.

i have to shave.

i'm bad at shaving.

we never have shaving cream

so i have to use soap.

freaking soap.

it makes you clean.

soap is like jesus.

jesus is awesome!

hello jesus.

i love you.

come over for tea sometime.

tea and crumpets.

last night my mom said she wanted

waffles with mustard and jam.

she said she wanted to make a sandwich

with just those things.

then i told her what she said.

poor girl...

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Monday, August 6, 2007

BayCon was AMAZING!!
here are some random quotes >.<

-Welcom to Westria
-There ain't no justice
-But in purple, i'm stunning
-Cant stop the signal
-Boromir the Cute in '08, put a REAL puppet int he White House! (this was SOO me >.<)
-I got my evil free sample
-The key to ConBelow
She's having our baby!
-I got rubbed the right way
-Fortuna Major

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