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Hi! I'm Detritus, and I'm a Discworld, Dawn of war, and a bit of a manga fanatic.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

   Onwards with Apocolypse!!!!
Ok, so now we have some new book which says i can have big, BIG armies on the field for Warhammer 40k, and that book is called Apocalypse. It's big, and everything about it is big... BUT FUN!!!! >:D

Emperor's speed to all who read my posts :D

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am on edge! GRRRRR!!! This world just sucks!!!! I need to kill...
Kill...KILL! KILL!!!!!


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

   Is there a subject for This!?!?!?
The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

ok, so this is the wierdest thing I've ever found, Ever! well maybe not as wierd as some of the deamons that i've come across, but this is majorlly messed up even for this world.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

   Chapter History Coming to Light
I at last am going to tell the story of my chapters history, but there's one problem. I'm still writing it. I'm going to write my most recent encounter with my breteren in the ruins of a heretical temple, on a world that I can not say the name of because it is off limits while the Ordo Maellus 'cleans up'.
Here is the Prologue:

Plaguing Thoughts: The History of the Serpent Guard
Brother Chaplain Colon stared at the wreckage. He wondered about everything that had been going on recently, as attacks from heretical cultists were on the rise. Before him, lay the ruins of a cult temple and bodies of countless Heretics. Where was He now, and what had happened?
“Why are you so troubled Brother Chaplain? Is it the disappearance of…”
“Don’t! It’s difficult to be sure of that.” Colon turned. Behind him, Brother Librarian Lawn stood there, sheathing his force sword. Colon gripped his Crozius tightly. “So why bring Him up now?”
“Why indeed, when you care not of where we all came from.” Lawn looked at the Chaplains eyes intently. Colon turned away, and strode deeper into the ruins, his heavy boots crushing the remains of cultists and rubble alike. Then something caught his eye. A small pendent, similar to his own, which was extremely familiar. He picked it up and stared.
“It’s His, isn’t it?” He thrust his hand out in Lawn’s direction, holding the rosarius in his palm, ”It bloody well is His isn’t it?!”
“And that means…” Lawn trailed off, astounded by this pendent. There was movement in the temple, then a blood-chilling scream. A blood-covered body came flying from behind a ruined wall, and another marine emerged. His armour was the same bright green as theirs, but he had a lot of gold detail and ornaments. His helmet though, was what shocked them more, It was decorated with a gold laurel and had a dragons head on it. A pair of wing like appendages reached upwards.
“Ah. Brother Chaplain, Brother Librarian. How good it is to see you both so well in these interesting times.” His voice was unique in the way it sounded, even when the Helmet affected it. Lawn backed away slightly, but Colon stood his ground, clutching his Crozius tighter. “Calm yourselves brothers,” the helmet was removed, and held out to a small, robed figure standing by the marine, “Don’t you recognise me at all?” His voice remained calm, which Lawn noticed to be irritating the Chaplain.
“Where have you been, all these years, eh?” Colon dug his feet deeper into the rubble, “Where!?”
“Hunting,” came the reply, “and I thought you got the message I left.” He tilted his head; “you did, didn’t you?”
Lawn moved quickly, but Colon moved quicker. He threw himself at the figure, which quickly stepped aside. “Brother Chaplain, Control yourself!” The librarian caught the enraged Colon, and pinned him to the ground. “My apologies Brother Primarch, but Brother Chaplain Colon has been extremely edgy in recent weeks.”
The Brother Primarch looked down, Colon had stopped struggling, and just leant as someone would if they were bored. He crouched, and stared into where, the Primarch hoped, Colon’s eyes were. “Why is it that you dislike me all of a sudden, Brother?”
“You abandoned us, and left us cold and confused. All we received was the order to continue in whatever works the Imperium requested of the Chapter, and nothing of where you were or what you were doing.” Colon relaxed, quelled by the Primarch’s gaze, “I was just worried, Nakato.” He looked up again, “I was just worried.”
“Brother Chaplain,” Lawn hissed to Colon, he had been carefully watching Nakato’s face, and was expecting anger, and he was surprised by what happened next.
“I’m aware, Colon of the escalating situation, so I thought I best check how things were. It is all is rooted in the past, which I know is a problem for you. But there is something I must tell you both. There’s one left, somewhere, and that’s why had to leave. I had to hunt him down and kill him, so no more like us could be created, no more slaves to the forces of Chaos.”
Colon now was becoming less and less calm with each word, “One WHAT!! You told us that… No you didn’t, we assumed that they were all dead.”
“Colon, there is a way to find him, and I know who he is, and we need to stop him. It was Fabius Bile, he made us, but we did what he didn’t want us to, and that’s is why his methods are different now so he can now overpower all his creations. We must kill him.” Nakato turned, “I can’t, however lead from the front, as I’m not here long.”

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

  I'm Tired, which shouldn't be the case for me, as I've spent a week in North Wales, and that meeeanssss...ZZZZZZ... Huh what?!?!? Oh sorry. as I was saying it means about 5 hours in the car, and i hate it. I neeeed Sleeeeeep!

May the Emperor watch over us all.

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