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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey you Guys, I know its been a while and I appreciate the the fact that many of you haven't taken me off your friend list. Thanx
Happy Halloween
I seriously saw a lot of Goths today, yah even one in the mirror, naw I'm kidding.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chapter 7- Ambush
Celie, Xana, and Kay stalked across the edge of the forest, Xana leading the way. they were at the very tip of the forest. two more steps and they would be in the GrassRetches. a distant howl echoed and Kay involuntarily shivered "i wish we were back in the forest, helping prepare for the full moon festival instead." Celie was silent, but then she muttered "i wish Syne was with us... i wish i had been at the last gathering... then i would have found out for myself." Celie had just been told that Syne had been injured on one of her patrols on the other side of the forest. two wolves had attacked her when she got separated from the rest of the group. she had survived, but with a cast on one arm and the council didnt want her out patroling if the wolves decide to come back to finish their work. the trio trekked onward, Xana pausing now and then to check the sky. when the moon appeared they would have to go back into the forest for the festival. usually they would cover the entire outline of their half of the forest and then go back in to make sure nothing had snuck in unsuspected. as they walked on, Celie began feeling strange, it was like something was calling her toward the GrassRetches. a strange desire, an urge. Celie stopped and took a deep breath. and suddenly, as sudden as it had come, it was gone. a wind whistled eerily through the trees, and the grass bent to and fro with it. Kay quietly remarked that it looked like a wave. Celie dejectedly walked on. the settings of the nearly dark evening felt melancholy. suddenly Xana stopped. "did u hear that...?" "hear what?" Celie wanted to ask but b4 she could, a savage growl erupted from the bush next to her. Celie jumped and felt Xana stiffen next to her. a dark form crashed through the bush and flung itself onto Celie. it snarled and gave a gruff bark and at once several bushes around them shook and out pounded three other creatures. they threw themselves at Xana and Kay, and left Celie to deal with only the first animal. the beast now on top of Celie bared his teeth in a feral grin. Celie stared with horror, it almost seemed as if the wolf was smiling in satifacation, but that would be impossible. Celie lashed out and heavily connected with the side of the wolf's head, it fell off of her. in the dim light she could tell the wolf attacking her was large, its eyes narrowed with anger ...and something else... was it confusion? nevertheless it pounced and aimed for Celie's chest. Celie kicked a leg high and let it slam into the beast's underside --as it was still in mid pounce-- and rolled on to her side as the creature landed heavily on the ground. it glowered at her through silted eyes and raked its claws down her thigh. Celie blinked. the movement had happened almost all too fast for her to believe; the wolf was on a nearly different level of speed. the amazement had nearly stopped Celie from feeling the pain. she gritted her teeth and smashed a claw into the beast's back, digging it down as deep as she dared. the creature reared up angrily, its hackles raised. Celie let her claws silde from its grip. her thigh was lined with long lines of dripping blood, but it hurt less than it looked. the wolf bared its fangs and silted its eyes, but didnt attack. its glare penetrated Celie's eyes and then, suddenly, she felt a nudge in her head. she shuddered. it was like when eris-Kyra spoke with her mind. but this prescense was different, it was alienlike to Celie. but... it seemed impossible, but who else would be speaking with her at this time, in that way...? the wolf. the prescense whispered, cease the fight, for u are one of us... the moon is full Celie gasped. the moon was full, the festival! she spun around to see that Xana and Kay were still embrolied in the fight. but with one last slash, Xana forced her opponent back into the GrassRetches, where it bounded off into to night. Xana and Celie hurridly helped Kay before dashing off to the woods. on the way Xana asked Celie how did she realize that it was time, during the mist of the fight. "the wolf..." she stopped herself. had the wolf really had told her...or was it a trick of her brain? if so what had really told her? Xana snapped her head around to face Celie. "'the wolf?!' the wolf told u?" she exclaimed, unbelievingly. Celie muttered,"something like that i think." Xana spoke, a bit harshly, "wolves dont talk!" "it was.. in my mind. . . and..." Xana cut in,"they dont mind speak either! i think they have gone to your head." they reached the festival as Syne was about to show-off her own accomplishment on the platform, even with one arm. she brought out a small ball made of something like crystal. she shook it and little lines of sparkling color danced and twirled within it, looking as though they had been spun. next went Kay, shyly, who played a strange rhythm on a blue flute. the song flowed hauntingly from the flute and seemed to trail through the air and echo eeriely among the trees. "wow" Celie whispered, "i never knew she played so well on a flute." as Kay stepped down the handmade platform, Elix went up. she brushed back a wave of ebony black hair and held out a tablet which had been intricately carved with a stag, knee-high in the water of a pond with lily-pads floating nearby. pine trees hung low under an oxbow moon. though it had no color the image was striking and Celie felt envy start in her heart. in a couple minutes it would be her turn and she would pick up her item from a nearby stone table display. she glanced down and realized her thigh had already healed. as Celie watched the show drag on suspicion entered her head. she knew that she, Kay, and Xana had been ambushed and, she wondered, how had the wolves known they'd be there? as she stood there pondering, her claws became unshealthed and grew longer and curved a bit. her pupils narrowed. when Celie felt her claws lengthen, she looked down in horror and crept out into the forest and ran. Xana was too bored and sleepy from the continuous show to notice, and dozed off. soon Celie reached the GrassRetches, and the exact spot they had been attacked earlier. heedless of the boundary, Celie ran on into the GrassRetches but then her back began to hurt in a way that forced her to collapse on the dirt. the excruciating pain exploded in her back and ebbed its into her limbs. the pain nearly stopped Celie from feeling her arms lengthen and angle, and her feet shrink and become thicker. she opened her mouth in agony and felt her canine teeth grow sharper and longer. all her her teeth grew thicker and pointed. her already tapered ears shrunk and grew narrow on top of her new head. soon the elvon Celie was gone, and instead was a wolf in her place . .
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Chapter 6- Picture on Wood
it was right b4 noon, b4 lunch, and Celie had magic-session. she strided down the well hidden path to eris-Kyra's tree-hut. eris-Kyra waited at the trunk of her tree, her eyes silently regarding all of her students as they chattered and whispered. the Eris had always creeped Celie out, the way she would turn around and see the eris's eyes on her, catlike and alert, and the way she could always understand what Celie meant and what she said even b4 she spoke. Celie sat, leaning on a tree stump and yawned, it was the day b4 the Full Moon Festival.
Moments later.... -.-
Celie stood upright, her eyes concentrating on an ball of fluid water in her hands. around her everyone else was doing the same, eris-Kyra strolled between the rows of elvons, occasionally giving out advice or adjusting someone's posture. Celie's handful of liquid water floated, seemingly like a cloud, an inch above her cupped hands. Celie concentrated as hard as she could, her eyes never leaving the liquid and eris-Kyra's words burning into her mind 'do not let go of that wisp of magic that u now clutch in your mind, or the water will spill', but still it was hard for Celie to keep the water in the same position for so long. the liquid sloshed endlessly, moving this way and that, every movement, nearly spilling out of her hands. just then, the sharp, clear note of a bell enamated from an old oak nearby. eris-Kyra frowned and spoke "let us review our wood carving spells." she passed out blocks of wood about the side of Celie's head. Celie looked around, having forgotten what to do; everyone else was either placing the wooden piece on the ground or on their lap. Celie did the same and felt someone watching her, she looked up to see eris-Kyra staring straight at her. Celie quickly looked down and wondered if she had see her look around to see what to do. "do u need help?" a voice sounded in front of her. she slowly looked up and saw the eris standind in right front of her. she stammered, "i ...forgot... what to do...." eris-Kyra simply stood by Celie's side and took her hands in hers, and, gently traced the wood with their fingers, each little swell and hole, and all the patterns that twisted and fro. now picture an image in your mind the eris's voice sounded in her head. Celie shuddered inwardly, it still made her shiver when eris-Kyra spoke in her head. she would never be used to it, even though eris-Kyra seldom did so. Celie pictured a blue ocean, clear ceraulean blue with stains of midnight upon it, that glistened with each swell. above the undulating water were snake-like strips of clouds and mist, circling a deep red setting sun, fading to pink. the sky, purple and midnight blue. as Celie pictured the image, their was a slight nudge in her mind, a presence pushing its way in. and suddenly the ocean shivered and the waters gave way to a serpent with glistening green and red scales. its tail, like a mermaid's and teeth like a shark. its body rippled in a way that made it look so real. perfect. . . . the prescence in Celie's mind whispered, and Celie realized it was eris-Kyra. the eris then whispered the words for Celie to speak. Celie nodded whispered "styra runea" the instant she opened her eyes, the words worked their magic and the image from her brain was smoothed onto the wooden plank. Celie turned to thank eris-Kyra, but by the time she looked, the eris was gone. then just as she started to pick up the picture from the ground, eris-Kyra's voice sounded "Class Dismissed. but b4 u go, remember the Festival is tonight, and i demand that each of you make something (by hand or magic) to present." scattered murmurings started as the students went. Celie made to climb up her group tree to set down her wood block, but when she got there she found someone unfamiliar waiting there. the stranger didnt introduce himself, he just said stiffly "i just wanted to tell u that its your group's turn for guard." "oh."Celie mumbled wondering which treegroup he was from. probably Maple. they live all the way on the other side of the forest, which would explain why i never saw him before she thought. while Celie was lost in her thoughts, Xana showed up. "hey Celie, who was that?" "oh, he came to say that it was our turn." Celie replied. she turned her head to ask the stanger, "right....?" she stopped. "Xana, where'd he go?" "hmph. he ran off when he saw me coming. funny, i dont remember seeing him at patrol gathering last night... strange... i dont remember seeing u there either." Xana mused. "there was a gathering last night?! i missed another one!" Celie sighed. ''do u think they'll kick me out of patrol?" "i doubt it. we need as much members as possible these days since the council wants us to cover the whole forest completely. the days are getting dangerous, Celie, with the wolves and everything else." Xana grunted. "what about covering the forest in the day?" Celie asked. "we dont need to worry about that, we just cover the forest during the night."
Sorry i havent been on lately.
anyway Thanks to all of you who have been reading my story so far.
u must have noticed i spelled "prescence" wrong (i still dont know how to spell it) well until then Seeya

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

(Jorge is a Jaguar)

Jorge was shot to death at the Denver Zoo, February 24, 2007. This was because of the failure of how to act when around Jaguars. A zoo worker who made a mistake was attacked by Jorge. The zoo workers decided to deem the Jaguar's life forfeit and murdered it, rather than using Non-Lethal ordinance. Because of the ignorance and ultimately the lack of regard for Jorge's life, both the worker and Jorge are dead. The sad tragedy is the fact that because of human superiority and ignorance reigns much akin to blaming the Pit Bulls for deaths rather than the humans that were involved. In such cases the Pit Bulls are always murdered. It is sad for Jorge, who found not protection in the Zoo, but death by those who were supposed to it provide for him.

Once again human ignorance and fear won out as Jorge is dead and he will not get a grave, nor proper respect. The Zoo thanks for support, but what about for Jorge who was truly the victim? Zoos should be responsible for knowing about animals, the animal's safety, and in the end, horrible mistakes, the lack of use of Non-Lethal Ordiance have resulted in two deaths. Go to Zoo's which truly show responsibility, not the Denver Zoo.

(c) 2007 Heart of the Wolf Organization

copy and paste this on your post to spread the knowlege of this wrong.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

my school year is ending which means another test for track!!!! augh. when i come home on monday, expect to listening to a ghost cause i will die b4 i get home. i dont know why i'm in this "running-school", but i was probably just signed up for it to get me out of the house. *hmph* who would want to stay with that b**** anyway. and now i'm stuck in some 'extra afterschool' program for summer.
well i guess its not that bad, i'm just complaining sorry. besides i already know half of the ppl that are going.

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