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WELCOME!! To MyOtaku...
I hardly ever actually log on to this website, I just hover around over it and look at the latest anime news.
I hardly ever say anything or contribute anything... I just have this page because I can :P

I hate the colour purple. But I did this so that it matches my wonderful Xelly avatar!!! *Drools at Xelly avatar*

I love tooonsss of anime's, too many to list the "my favourite's" list over that way <---.
I've also heard of various anime's that no one else I know has heard of. Like Arislan for example.
I own almost the whole set of Tokyo Babylon Manga! I'm just missing 6 and 2. I also own 1 Trigun Maximum Manga ^_^
I own the anime's, Trigun, DNangel, Gravitation (though it aint in my house but that's a long story >_>) , Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, Slayers and the first parts of, Tenchi Muyo, Lain, Chobits, Paranoia Agent, Tsukihime, Haibane-Renmei, Mini Goddess, Texnolyze (however you spell it), R.O.D the TV and Gungrave! ^_^ ^_^

Yep I'm slightly psycho.
Although I'm Actully quite a boring person. CONTRADICTION! ^_^

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yay! My scanner is working!!!!!!!! So now I can upload fanart!!!!!!!! I've already uploaded one and I just have to wait for it to appear!!
It really was a headache though. I'm gonna have lots of fun with my next one as the paper it's drawn on is HUGE!!!!
Anywho I'm happy!

And I don't update enough! Well I guess I usually don't have much to say. My life isn't interesting enough! Oh well, I hope it will get more interesting now that I can upload fanart!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Well the boxset turned out to be pretty good. They all work except for some reason Tenchi Muyo only wants to work on my brother's computer. He says it's 'cause they are pirated o_O.
I really, really, really like Lain. Now that I have seen the first 4 ep's I can go and watch the rest on Youtube!!
Yay! Hurray for Youtube!

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