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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   hey guys, I've found something weird...
I think... I think I found...myself..getting closer to my "hiei" ok so it's not really hiei, but he's alot like him, except his extually nice and says stuff thats nice. He's like my hiei in real life.He's sort of a vampire, but he's really nice, and stuff. I've found that the two of us have Alot incomin. Neither of us get invited anywere, neither of us have must money to go anywere, neither of us have a lisence, only permits, we both like anime, I like it when he ruffs my feathers and makes me feel akward and likes to make me feel akward. And we both have problems at home, but who doesn't? as you can see I'm out of character today, oh well next time I might be. Ok g2g, Adios!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

   Man I hate this
Hey everyone, I hate school right now, project after project, It Stinks!! I have projects in "home Interior," "Pig/economics," and I'll be having one in "Spanish!" I have no time to train with the guys, I hate it!!! Kurama hasn't been around very often so he can't help, I don't want to be cault cheeting anyway. -.- so tird of this. ok seeya'll later, Adios!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   Hate this!
Hey everyone.. srry I haven't posted in so stinkin long, ok I've been on gaiaonline.com, its neat and stuff, but you have to visit as many pages as you can to get money to buy clothes and stuff, it stinks for that reason! Errr! Ah well, I've g2 be going, Adios!
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