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Hey the name is Meghan. I'm your average teen, average girl, just another person on this lovely plante earth. I love meeting new people, chatting, hanging with my buddiez, art, music, sports, i love making people laugh, and the list continues.
I'm adventurous, unpredictable and Fun!
I like being me even tho my shy-ness might get in the way i'll get out of it once i get to know ya more... I can be a Total Werid-O at timez but hey you'll have fun with meh! And hey it beats the onez that aren't having any fun.... But if you can't accept me for who i am then you are not worth a second of my time. I am a really caring and loving person and i don't tend on changing that. People are who they are, i wont judge you nor will i ever betray you. I am thankful for my friends and family without them i would be nothing. I believe in god but i will not shove my beliefs down your throat. I don't take life to seriously anymore i just try living it to the fullest it can be lived. I use to be afraid of dying but i got over that fear. I will make at least one major change in my life whether it turn out for the good or for the worst i will never regret it nor fear it.

Well enough of me going blabbering about myself.... if ya wanna add me feel free too but don't add and then i never hear from ya, i hate people that do that... then i have like so many of you and i don't even know some of you guyz... so if your gonna add me make sure you stay in contact kyz!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey how's everyone at the MyO?
I hope good, i'm good... just glad that i can still post. ^o^"I have like No idea how to use the New "TheOtaku vibrant" i feel dumb... i hope i'm not the only one...^-^"
It's just all new and stuff and i'm so used to this thing and yeah.
O well i'm probably the only one that has a Prob with it...

Anyhoo yes i changed my theme, no one would like notice snice i haven't been on for like so long...
But i do have my reasons.
1.) Busy with Projects and Test since it's almost the end of the school year and all... so teacher are giving lots of stuff for us to do and i have to do good since it's my like junior year you know!!!
Good what's it going to be like when i'm a Senior ^_)*sigh* even harder right?
But anyway....
2.)Alot of people have left the O or like never show up anymore... there's like only a few people thats on anymore.
3.)The new thingy which i'm not likein much!

And those are it...
I'm a loser dumb reason right except for number one lolz!

But i've join Tennis and it's loads of fun hanging with my 2budz man it's awesome i'll tell ya all a story in my next post...
I'm going to try to come on more often kyz! Like maybe 3 or 2 days a week lol not alot but it's more then now right?
So yeah i'm going to end this boring post and well lets see who still has this old site still...

Well l8terz everyone!

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