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Enjoy the site peep's, enjoy the site for tommorow we die..... or get our computer busted or get sick? Maybe get a couple of broken bones? But if you survive enjoy the site. ^_^
Like my peep's. Yeah see that peep it's rockin out.Oh here is the tour guide to guide you. His name is Popoise Iruka's best friend.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

I finally tried out the new site ^_^. I posted some art if anyone wants to look. That about it. Im thinking of only coming on here to post art. HOPEFULLY ^_^" Ill get to sites now

heres pic of the day


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   Hi Everyone
Yeah Hello I'm back. Hello peeps ^__^. I just wanted everyone to know Im still here @.@ Hee hee n.n. Nothing much except this is the very first weekend I didn't get HW O.O. I cant believe it. I decided to post cuz my brother and sis always post and that made me feel lazy in a way. But I do have some news. Im working on this project were I have to teach little kids about sanitary habits like wash your hands, and don't eat off the floor, and stuff like that. Its gonna be embarrassing if I goof up in the presentation with the kids but thats not until March ^_^. I really want to draw some art for this site so maybe I'll do that. Well Im gonna go walk my dog now. Till next post my peeps ^_^

here is the pic of the day


They look so cute and funny especially Kakashi doing the crane XD.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello and good day. My bro got this new Super Mario Galaxy game for Christmas and it has the cutest bombony stars XD!!! Oh bombony means marshmallowy ^.^. heh if you guyz got that game those little stars are called Lumas and thier so adorable @w@. I just want to jiggle,poke, and squeeze one so bad. I want a plushy of a Luma star! they are so cute. Yeah I had nothin to post except that ^_^. Maybe a plush Luma will come out in the anime store one day ^_^ I hope. And can you believe I got HW over the break. That super sucks +_+. Im dead man Im dead (bleah!!!) I got an essay and I got to read a book of Scrooge you know that guy who hates Christmas. Everbody knows the story of that guy! Its just that teachers could be sneaky and give you a test on the book or somthin so yeah Im gonna read it just in case ~.~. Hmm its chilly over here and my mom might make atole cuz its cold and when its cold you get to eat yummy stuff XD like cake and hot coco. So hows the whether over where you guy are @w@? its cold and a little windy over here where I am. I have been waking up late lately. I wake up at 12 sometimes and once I woke up at 2 O.O! Whens the latest you guys woke up? Just some questions for you guys Till next post my peeps.
Photobucket Luma Stars @w@ cute!

Here are the pics of the day


Zabuza and Haku on their big journey through the snow and mist. ^_^

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays ^_^
Im just at my house waiting for dinner. And thats it... ^_^. Hope the Holidays for all you peeps are happy. Or as good as they can get O.O. There was nothing I really wanted for Christmas so I got a bunch of clothe and some Naruto tea cups XD.

Here is the pic of the day


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dang these last few weeks till the final are going by so slow!!! I just cant wait till its over. Ok so Im doing this Hamlet skit thing in english class were we have to perform and I am two people at the same time, and its a pain in the butt changing and coming out in time as the other character +_+. Oh well I know my lines so I'm set ^_^. Oh and Death Note has become one of my new favorite animes XD!!!! I know Im late and all but I thought it wasnt gonna be a great anime so I never bothered to see it on youtube. But now that its on T.V I watch it every Saturday. It is so cool @w@!!! Oh and if you know what happens in Death Note dont spoil it for me! till next post my peeps!

Here is the pic of the day

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Ryuk is like my fav character hes so funny @w@
Oh and sorry if I dont get to sites. I am still on the run to do stuff ^_^

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