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Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

So, I see youíve stumbled onto my page, how'd you manage that? xD
Well, in that case, youíll need to know a few things about me;

First off, my name is Lindsey.
I also go by Lin.(:

Iím 15. (6-27-94)

I live in Palmdale, California. It's very boring and hot,
I don't reccomend coming here if you don't have to.

My favorite anime would have to be Vampire Knight!<3
Pokemon and YuGiOh would be some faves of mine too.
'Cause card games rule. xD

In my spare time, I love editing and drawing.

I rarely change my background (I'm lazy).
&I edit the pics I use for my posts.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grawr, I'm updating. Boredom gets the best of me. ^^; When was my last update? Like November of last year or something? Hmm :|

Ohmygod, I'm no longer homeschooled~ I go to school with my friends again, I'm so happy. I received so many hugs my first day back. xD
However, my arrival was delayed quite a bit, three times because of the enrollment office, they were confused to why I was starting school so late in the year. The fourth time was because I caught a cold days before my actual first day would've been (Oh joy). My cold then turned into Bronchitis to make it worse. = =
I'm getting better though[:

Awjeez, I get sick alot, don't I? xD

I'm a bit worried at the fact I may not make it to the next grade. Homeschool work was too overwhelming and so I slacked off. Now I have incompletes and may not make it to highschool. D:

You can see why I rarely update this site, I never have anything to talk about. xD
But if you're into roleplay, I have a rp myspace; http://myspace.com/lins_chemical_romance
Add me:D


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