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Thursday, December 21, 2006

   Hey guys!!
Hey guys well yeah it's late here & i have time to post...well not much but here goes. Hey!!^^lol yeah W00t i did my finals & my classes are over now & it feels so good to bee free don't you agree?!^_^ & now i have time & gotta finish my christmas shopping for everyone, i hope you guys finished yours! the last minute thing is almost impossible lol^^' but i'll do it. Well now i gotta go to bed, i'm getting sleepy ^^' night guys

Thank you all for the warm welcome^^ & yeah i'm still alive len LOL!!!!^^ well now i gotta give a shout out to my love I LOVE YOU BABY!!! MWAHS *BLOWS KISSES* THAT'S MY BABY KAISEN!!! & YEAH OUR LOVE IS 4EVER^_^!!! I LOVE YOU!!! oh & sorry about my pm box boo, it's clean now^^' (it was full of your pms lol^^)

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much love,
~Kyoko a.k.a Tsukiko

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