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Monday, March 13, 2006

awesome weekend^_^
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Hey you guys, well the ice skating thing on Friday was fun^_^ i fell a couple of times >.< now i got somwhat of a bruise in my a$$, not to mention the freezing that was going on (obviously). It was cool because i saw a couple of my friends there too unexpectedly, so we all ended up having a good time (with my lil sis too ovcourse)!!^_^ what else.....

Oh remember my good friend taht was bugging me to hang out (lol i shouldn't say bug^^lol) well we did & yeah i had a good time too; we whent to the arcades and i beat him in Capcom Vs. SNK!! haha i kick butt^_^'lol

oh yeah here were i live it was hailing like daaamn!! it was sooo cool! sorry i love the cold weather and all it brings, i just keep hoping that no one gets hurt...well i gotta get my homework done so i'll tty guys later^_^
*husg & kisses*

much love,

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