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Thursday, March 9, 2006

hey you guys ^^'
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Wow it's been a while...again lol^^' sorry i keep dissapearing on you guys like that...i don't meant to, but i'll try to come as often as i can. Well updates on my life....lets see oh:

School- (i don't think you wanna hear about that so nevermind ^^')

Work- what can i say. busy, busy, busy. Sometimes it's fun depending on my co-workers lol^^ we full around sometimes.

Other- Well i'm more on Gaia now trying to get my avi to look like a ninja^_^ and an angel^^ so this is what it looks like now:

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yeah i need to work on in a lil more lol^^

I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT SOON!!! my sis is expecting & we think it's gonna be due on my birth month^_^.

and lesse....oh yeah i did the unthinkable!!! I...got....a...myspce..there i said it!!! actually my friend's been bugging me about it..so i finally gave in. it's not ready yet but i'll post the link up sometime.^^

Well i'll visit ur guys sites soon^_^
much love,

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