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This is Link337 here! Welcome to my site. Comments/Criticism are always welcome(as long as it is constructive) As you can see I like “Devil May Cry” and I might add most other video games. While browsing around my posts don’t feel obligated to sign my guestbook but you are welcome to. I post various things from daily rants, to poems, stories, or other things I feel are important enough to post. Well enough of an introduction again welcome and enjoy.

Peace and Eggrolls your Host,

Monday, February 25, 2008

   Writer's Block
Ok I get writer's block a lot lately it is not easy coming up with the stuff I write... Here is a series of questions for fellow writers out there.

1. Do you like creative writing?

2. What is your favorite genre to read?

3. To write in?

4. Heros or Villans?

5. Do your characters tend to be young or old?

6. Why?

7. Where does your inperation come from?

8. What is your favorite movie?

9. What is your favorite T.V. show?

10. What is your favorite book?

11. Who is your favorite author?

12. What is your favorite video game (s) (if it is a series)?

13. Why do we fight?

14. Do you have a favorite animal?

15.Is it easier for you to write male or female characters?

16. Are you characters not human like (ex. Vampire, Werewolf, Android, etc.)?

17. Who did you model your favorite character after?

18. How long is/was your longest work?

19. Are you left or right handed when you write?

20. How should a story about two people falling in love who have known each other for many years and finally got up the courage to express that love to their other end?

21. Do you empathize with your characters?

22. Do you think that your beliefs hold your writing back?

23. How old were you when you wrote your first work?

24.What is love if not a weapon or a weakness?

25. Future or past?

26. Guns or melee?

27. What are children to you?

28. Do you write happy endings or is that not realistic?

29. What mood do you tend to be in when youy find yourself writing?

30. What are you afraid of?

31. How often do you find your imagination taking you into a daydream?

32. Do you believe love is forever?

33. Who deserves to love?

34. Does writing lessen the weight of your world?

35. Lyrical music or instrumental?

36. What is your ideal family composition?

37. Finally, if you could give to some one you really care about one thing in the world, anything, what would you give them and why?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Job searching is tough
I have applied to more places in the last week than I have in my entire life. And still, no luck. T-T. I don't know why, I even followed up[ on some of them and still nothing. Oh well, Things are going to get harder next week when I go back to class. My Tuesday and Thursday sceduals suck. I am in class from 7:30 am- 2:45 pm almost nonstop. :( it is going to be hard but I have my Penguin looking after me so I don't worry too much.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Happy New Year
Oh geese now I have to try and think of a possible new years resolution. Well I guess most importantly I will find and keep a job that will allow me to keep in college and actually make it in life. Yep that is good for Link. ^-^ Good day all
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Just my finals now!!!
I don't know wheather or not I should be happy or worried at this point I have two finals to take and both finals could have serious impact on my future. One is on Tuesday morning and the other one is Friday morning I also have to finish up another class at an elementary school next week. I do hope I survive it with nothing but a few scars ^-^.
Peace and Eggrolls,

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Monday, December 10, 2007

   Almost there!!!
Yay most of me classes end by Friday. Hell yeah. Well, hope everyone is having a fabulous day. G'Night and sweet dreams all.


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