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hey people whats up??? the ceiling of course... or at least i hope there is... o_O... hahaha anywase i like coming to myO very often and stuff... even though i don't do much but yah... haha.... feel free to add me if you want... umm dont forget to sign my guestbook... haha... yeah... umm i have a gaiaonline account... username lido_lady93... add me there too if you want... umm i also have a myspace... hahaha uploaded funnie pictures just recently... hahaha yeah.. well PM me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns... well laters!! ^-^♥


Monday, November 26, 2007

ugh... wow... today i felt sooo embarrassed... good thing it was all towards the end of the day... but still freakin sucked... anywase first my stupid teacher said something about me that was sooo embarrassing in front of the whole class... right then i wished i could disappear... then when i was walking home my sister said something else kinda embarassing to one of my guy friends and i was like O.O.... agh... and my neighbor was there too... omg... AND THEN!!! when my friends came over... i went to my mom... and to tell her something and she did something soooooo embarassing.... and my friend was laughing... and i was like ^^"... omg... can it get any worst??? argh!!! freakin sux butt...
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

haha love this dance

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Saturday, June 30, 2007


What Do Naruto Characters Think of You(For Girls)(With Detailed Explanations + your love life) by HajimeNoOwari
Enter Your Name
Your Age
Narutoforgot Sakura the minute he lied eyes on you, he thinks you are so much better, you are cool, nice, not a Sasuke fan, smart and kick but!
Sasukethinks you are hot but he would raither die than addmit it
Gaaralusts for you but is afraid that those feelings are Shukaku's lust for blood
Nejitends to smirk when you smile or joke, he believes you like him and really likes to shove it up Sasuke's ass
Itachivowed to kill Sasuke for laying a finger on you after he killed his whole clan to make him pay for kissing you on the cheek
Kakashithinks you are a great student, although you don't like working together you look after your teamates and are very strong with much potential
Orochimaruis scared of you ever since you skinned and served his snakes for dinner, and after he ate them, told him you made him a new purse with their skin
Kabutorespects you because you saw trough his lies on the Chuunin exams and because you kicked his but the first chance you got after it
Shikamarudaydreams about you and him and his bed at midnight
Shinoconsidered you a friend so he showed you his bug colection. He was amaised that you actualy knew half of them. He didn't tell you but he likes you a lot.
Kibathinks you are hot and likes to hang around with you
Your Splecial Traitswitty, strong, sexy, funny
Your SoulmateKiba, you both love animals and value frendship
Who You End Up With And How You MetKabuto - Orochimaru assigned him to find as much information about you as he could
How You Dieget hit by one of Lee's flying kisses

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   birthday gone wrong
Today was my cousins birthday and so her older sister was planning a surprise birthday party for like 3 weeks now and then today it was sooooooo out of order...... me and my big sister was to take her out for like an hour while the b-day girl's sister was to rally up friends and get the food and decorations and so she did....... when we got to her house everybody was there but my sister tried to stall her so we can say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and so we did but when she came in she didnt see them and was like oh mimi let me go use the bathroom(in hmong) and so she was about to go in the hallway when we all said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and she was like AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! and we all laughed and my other cousin mandy sprayed those silly string on her and it got everywhere the carpet the wall her people the b-day girl and the TV......... then we sang happy b-day, she opened her presents, (i got her this dolphin poster that was ultra cute(she likes dolphis) and other people got her some good stuff too, then we ate and so on and so on then it was 9 at nite and one of the b-day girls cousins sisnt cum but wanted too (they young, they lil kids) and like (b-day girls name is tzer) and like they called and said oh did u guys do the party yet cause we still wanna cum, and like we didnt wanna upset them so we said no and they said ok we cuming rite now and then we were like OMFG!!!! wtf r we gonna do man (they were around the block somewhere) and we were like mimi take tzer out again and tzer when u come in act surprised and so on and so on....... tzer's older sister kia was like i'll go with nancy to the store to buy some soda nad cake and chips and we were like ok........ then i was like sitting there for a couple of minutes when they arrived and like there were some more little kids there like 6 yrs old and like they were like saying this in hmong y r u guys here we already did the birthday already and we didnt want to spoil it so my cause nkaohnou said no that was for someone else b-day and so then i was like OMFG the decorations(cuase we took it all down) and then they were like oh yeah and i was like mandy blow some balloons and i was like nkaohnou(nk) help me put this up and so on and then i was like ok this is enough then kia came bak and said ok were bak and like get ready get ready and a couple more minutes later tzer and mimi came home and we were like surprise and tzer was like OMG thank u so much (ok rewind the presents taht we got her she already opened it and so we went to her room and grabbed w/e and put it in the bags and put it at the table) then she was like thnx so much and she opened her presents(again lol) and then was like awwwwww how cute and mandy was like here tzer and handed her a $10 bill and tzer was like thnx and then mandy whispered to me i want it bak and i started hella cracking up and then tzer did and we watched movies and ate cake again and it was soo funnie lol then i was like kia is such a bad planner but its ok LOL :D
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Saturday, June 3, 2006

   This Fushigi Yuugi Movie is really good it goes great wif the song!!

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