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In The Darknes Cold & Blind
Hidden Away For Nobody To Find
Hold Me Close & Never Let Go
For Your Love Is The Only Love I'll Ever Know

I'm obsessed with Ed lol

Forever Alone I Seem To Stand
Holding Darkness Within My Hands
Behind The Clouds The Moon Elopes
Fading Away With All Of My Hopes
To Be Redeemed Is My Only Choice
Yet My Torment And Suffering Is My Solom Voice *copyright*

May The Light Walk Your Path
And The Darkness Dare Not Follow It...

"Fall into the wishing glass..."

Monday, January 28, 2008

   Woot Woot Profile updates ^^
So a little while ago i finally updated my portfolio, and now I'm thinking of remodeling my profile, since some of my pics aren't showing up an I'm getting kinda bored of it..........
hmmmm i wonder what to do....... :D

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It has been ages since I have been on Otaku.... I have been taking a rather long break from this site for unknown reasons even to myself :P I am thinking about getting back into this site again and adding a few more artworks, I would love to say I will do this for sure..... but we all know how that always works out... I guess all i can do is try ^^
I would also like to apologize to everyone who has messaged me and left comments on my guestbook :P I promise I'm not ignoring you! I just haven't been able to come on for so long due to busy schedules and well, lets face it... pure laziness. One would think the Japanese half of me would throw in some disipline... guess not :P wells I should better go get to work on some new and hopefully improved art ^^ Hope to leave many more of these messages!

Yours Truly,
Lilith Knight

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Monday, October 10, 2005

   Does Anybody Know...?
I was curious to anyone who has played and preferably beaten kingdom hearts, if after you've already beaten the game can you get mystery goo off of the rare mushrooms (monsters)?
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

   Daily Life...
Well, lately i've just been sitting around attending school(joy) and watching anime and reading manga ^_^. It's all good, i'm waiting for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to come out, which i hope the rumours were right about it coming out this month. but im not getting my hopes up lol. I seem to have gotten into the anime and manga of chrono crusade and just watched the last episode the other day (Which was utterly heartbreaking...) and i'm praying that the manga end differently haha... or i will be depressed...*sniff*
I am still messing around with my scanner as i have like 5 new pics i wanna put up on my fan art but no... my computer chooses to dislike me these days so i will have to wait haha. well i will probably be modifying my site soon, not a lot maybe just a few different pictures like usual, maybe a new song lol well i'll post later ^_^
Take care everyone

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   Thank you Mustang123!
Thanks very much to Mustang123, whom told me the date in which KH2 will be coming out around, which is Dec. 13th give or take a few days ^_^

If anyone knows the release date of FF7:Advent Children please tell, don't be afraid to comment here or PM me!

Thanks again Mustang123 and everyone else ^_^


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