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a little about me:
*im born in the u.s. u dont need to know specificaly
*im in gymnastics
*iam japanese but i know english better
*i play a japanese drum called taiko
well yea i hope u sign my guest book and enjoy your visit here

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I haven't been on this site....FOREVER!!!
At first, i forgot how to add a post XP
Man....looking at my last post....wow...that was such a LONG time AGO!!

Just came back on since I didn't felt like doing homework and was roaming around the internet when suddenly, I REMEMBERED ABOUT OTAKU.COM!!

Hmmmm I wonder who is going to read this post, well I doubt not much since I havent been on this site for about..what...a year?! lol

Soo anyhoo, with me, I am doing fine i guess, except im sick....kinda. It's going away but then it comes back and then it goes away and it comes back again!! GRRRRRR!!
Hmmmm, monday and tuesday I had midterms and I have midterms on Thursday as well.
Monday-English and Chemistry (I think I got about a B for English and an A for Chemistry since we were able to use our notes)
Tuesday-French and Emergent Tech (French ehhh I did so-so, some parts I knew and other parts I was totally blank! and for Emergent Tech was easy)
and upcoming Thusday i have history and algebra. I have a feeling I am going to flunk the history exam but for algebra, i'll probably get a C or low B....hopefully XP

sooo how is everyone? and HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR!!
I guess i should be going back to my homework...its almost 12 a.m, >.<

and i'll add THREE japanese words!! but please don't get angry with me if i repeated them...I HAVENT BEEN ON FOR A LONG TIME! so I dont really remember if i did this or that.
Here are THREE random japanese words:
1) o-hi-sa-shi-bu-ri: After a long time. Kinda hard to explain...i can use this word like right now for example. I havent been on this site for a long time so its, Ohisashiburi....confused? maybe right? lol
2) a-ke-ma-shi-tte o-me-de-to-u: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
3) me-za-ma-shi to-ke-i: Alarm clock

Well hope you enjoy this post to whoever reads this, I don't know if i'll be doing this continuously. School and gymnastics are taking up most of my time sooo it's pretty hard for me to write long posts.

I had a nice time writing this (ohisashiburi!).
time for me to get back to my homework! X.X Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

   hey ppl
ok im kinda tired...i would have posted earlier but my lil sisters kept on hogging da computer and we only have ONE internet connected computer...how sad...so we have to share that ONE computer... ill try to get on tom early and post some new stuff for the new theme!
ok well today i just stayed home being annoyed by my lil sisters. i was bored so i started drawing, i drew kyo and yuki in there animal forms (from fruit basket) it was realy easy since its not that hard to draw them. ill post them up when the scanner is hooked up which isnt right now and im too lazy to do it right now lol. o yea this week is my spring break! it feels soo good no school!! but the sad thing is that most of the day is with my sisters...gotta babysit while my parents are away at work. ok umm i gotta do some words for japanese...forgot to do them again...
sisters- i mo u to u
spring break- ha ru ya su mi
ok well there two words...im going to start workin on the sign first for the new theme!
well ttyl Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

   yet again
well yea my spring break has started and i have time to get on here! wow havent been on like forever
well dis new theme would be well random anime stuff so yea...rite now its under construction and i have to get off cuz my lil sister is bugging me to get off da computer ugh i wish we had another computer so we dont have to share UGH ok well i gotta go cuz my sister is not humming very loudly and annoyingly!!! HELP!! lol Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

quick post
i dont have much time rite now so yea
umm nothin been happening wit me but i have a whole lot of homework to do ugh. and i didnt have school on friday since it was rodeo day but i have scool on presidents day which is kinda weird.... ok yea ummmm dats all now i got to go bye Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Friday, February 17, 2006

   last moment card!
thanks u frogger91 for da card! i got it on v-day but i didnt read it until today so yea.....
ok i got to go eat bye Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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