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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   Im a little late
Well im a little late but.......... IT WAS EXACTLY ONE YEAR ON THEO. I cant believe it.

well today i got a pair of drum sticks. and a drum pad. im joining my schools winter percussion and its required to have them. i cant wait to play with them. im at my cousins house right now watching my brother and cousin play samurai warriors. theyre really loud. well i guess my day has been going okay. well see you guys later. bye bye. ^^

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

its been a really long time sience i posted hasnt it? well yea i started high school last week. YEAH IM A FRESHMAN!!!! it really isnt something to be proud of but im okay with it. im on the tennis team. but only on jv. we had our first game today and....... we lost. but i really didnt play cuz it was a home game and they didint bring their jv players. but on thursday we have another game and its away so i get out of class early. woo hoo !!!! and i get to play too. im so pumped!!!! some of my classes are boring but some are great cuz all the talkitive people are in the class so it makes the class more fun.
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